Problem Solving or Creating New Ones

Puzzle PiecesToday was about learning to problem solve more effectively, day one of a two-day workshop presented by library HR for managers and supervisors. In theory it’s a good idea but the reality is different. The space is hard for voices to project and be heard, especially when the presenter wanders around as he talks. It’s a good way to interact with participants but it was really hard to hear what he was saying most of the time.

Unfortunately the content didn’t live up to expectations. We spent most of the day listening to rambling stories and doing pretty silly exercises (“how many ways can you use a paperclip?” and others) and it’s hard to sort out bits that actually are useful. Maybe by the end of Day Two I’ll have better clarity. I did find myself listening from two perspectives: how can I apply these things in my job, and how might I apply them to my stuckness with weight loss.

But honestly, I”m really sick of thinking about being stuck, with worrying about what to eat and how to count it, with defining myself by the numbers of things that go into my body or show up on a scale.

I know we’re entering into dangerous territory for the next six weeks of holiday parties and food. Mostly that will be a problem at work since my social circle is tiny and I’m not likely to be tempted much after hours. Although watching every Christmas special known to man may make me reach for eggnog and cookies, even knowing they’re not good ideas.

So I can’t afford to let up but I can try not to beat myself up. It just causes more problems. After I finish my workshop, I can problem-solve my way through it more easily but it’s still better not to cause new ones in the first place.