Maintenance on Hold

Window RepairI had the brilliant thought as I was dropping into sleep last night that if they replaced my locks today, I wouldn’t be able to get in when I got home. Both locks (deadbolt and the other wimpy one) use the same key so both will be replaced. So I stayed home from work today, something I really didn’t have time to do, in order to let them in to do the work and clean up whatever mess they made. And also to protect the cat from freaking out.

Well, it was a good idea but it didn’t work. No, she didn’t freak out. They didn’t show up! Pffffffffft, so much for wasting a day off that I didn’t have to spend (I used a sick day because I can’t use vacation time until January). Maintenance didn’t show up and didn’t reply to a message, so I persevered after lunch when it became obvious that getting to work was not gonna happen. I just needed to know when they were coming and how I would go about getting a key.

I think they were really just doing faster maintenance things today to catch up on a backlog of requests called in over the weekend. They did deliver a new window which will be installed tomorrow and told me that they will leave the new key at the complex main office to be picked up before 5pm.

So tomorrow morning I’m back to moving the litter box, scratching post, and food/water bowls into my bedroom with Tessie so she’ll be out of the way of all the noise and activity. I hope she doesn’t freak out too much. Vickie, Tessie isn’t responsible for locking the door from the inside. It’s the lack of opposable thumbs things. It broke all by itself in some mysterious way.