Please Let it Snow, Not Sleet

Winter DrivingWinter Storm Alexander is upon us. I know, I never heard of naming a winter storm before either, but apparently one of the local stations thinks it’s a good idea, being the winter equivalent of hurricanes and all. I think it’s kind of dopey. What matters, though, isn’t the name but the fact that the weather is awful and so is the driving.

I’ve lived in three New England states over the last 21 years and know what it’s like to put up with snow, sleet, and freezing rain in various combinations. Maine manages it the best, probably because they have more of it so have enough equipment and smart drivers. Universities aren’t known for shutting down or giving early dismissals but we are encouraged to use our own time if we think we have travel issues.

Well, duh. After venturing out at lunchtime for 20 minutes, I returned to close up shop and head for home whether the U decided it was a good idea or not – and I had lots of company. It took me 30 minutes to get to the parking garage; even with only a few inches of snow, the ice underneath was problematic. It took me another hour to get home from the garage, a trip that normally takes me 15 minutes. Roads were clogged and single-lane traffic going about 8 mph on poorly plowed and treated surfaces.

My biggest challenge was the final big hill before my complex. I ended up behind a car that careened into the side of the road and was in danger of spinning out and getting hit myself, but managed to straighten out and get to our road and down to my little carport. I admit I really don’t want to go back outside to shovel out behind my car to the hopefully plowed main road.

Snow is pretty and artful and fun to play in. Ice and sleet are not and that’s what’s pelting down now. All I want to do is stay inside and play with the kitty and maybe start a pot of soup. I’d best get used to this because the first Nor’easter is due on Saturday night/Sunday. I think its name will be Brianna. Who knew?

4 thoughts on “Please Let it Snow, Not Sleet

  1. Davida Charpak

    Dear Anne,

    How are you? I found your card recently with your blog
    address on it. Here I am. I also have been up and down with my weight. I got to go now as my husband is coming to pick me up from school.
    Love Davida

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