God Bless Us, Every One

Me at Christmas 1962It’s Christmas morning and I’m watching Patrick Stewart as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol while Tessie plays with her new catnip mice amidst the wreckage of wrappings and ribbons. She made out like a bandit with cat toys to keep her busy for days and treats just because.

My family made a pact to cut back on Christmas this year, to spend less on presents, but that doesn’t mean being miserly and there were plenty of presents under the tree for me, too. They were smaller things that spoke of really knowing me and not just presents to have a present. Yanno the difference? It’s being remembered that matters not how much is spent on a present or how many of them we get. After all, I’m not 5 years anymore.

The big present this year didn’t come from a store, it’s having my mom alive and recovering in a Texas hospital. She was moved yesterday from the ICU back to her original floor with the same nurses, and I got to talk with her last night for the first time since her second surgery. Mom knows that she was really sick and that she almost didn’t make it and is grateful for every moment; even when she hurts, she knows she’s alive.

Opening my presents this morning and seeing her handwriting on the package labels almost made me cry. I’m so lucky to have my parents, my family, even when I live far away. But I’m also really lucky with the family of friends that is woven around me, too. Christmas cards and emails and blog comments mean as much as gifts because they connect me to people who matter – all of you.

Enjoy your day, your presents, your family, your activities – and your food, too. If you eat it, enjoy it and savor the flavors.

Merry Christmas!