Nugget within the TWOP Snark

Television Without Pity LogoOne of my favorite websites is Television Without Pity, where you can catch up on those TV shows you miss and chat (or follow others chatting) about those same shows. Lots and lots of snarkiness going on as well as trivia mavens who amaze me with their powers of recollection and analysis.

If you venture into the Non-Fiction and News Shows section there’s a forum dedicated to Shopping Chanel Shows, principally HSN and QVC with some ShopNBC and others thrown in for good measure. I’m not sure why most of these people actually bother to watch the programs they comment on since they mostly think the products are crap and presenters are ugly but clearly they get enormous pleasure in it. Reading this particular forum is a good antidote to shopping the channels themselves.

Today there was this exchange:

“Soon, it will be the beginning of a new year and I know we are going to be watching a lot of Pilates, Nutrasystem and all the items related to “a new you”…it’s going to be even more boring that it’s now, but get ready my friends because 2008 it is here! I will be here with you to post and snark to our hearts contents.”

“What bothers me about that the most, is this great assumption that we’re all so dissatisfied with ourselves. If we’re not and we listen to them long enough, then perhaps they think they’ll convince us we should be. I hate those shows.”

Woman on a treadmill It made me think of all of the commercials we’re already seeing for WeightWatchers, Nutrisystem, LA Weight Loss, Jenny Craig, Miracle Burn and other magic potions, not to mention every gym in your local area. The media eagerly feature stories and snippets about how fat we all are and how to stick to that resolution to lose weight that they just know we will all be making.

There are things I want to accomplish next year but I don’t want to do them because the media makes me dissatisfied with myself to the point that it dictates my choices. Sometimes resolutions are about dissatisfaction; other times they are about dreams and new beginnings.


In other news, my mom is still in the hospital after all. They couldn’t do her vacuum procedure because they were short a vacuum pump which does seem to be pretty central. So now they’re hoping tomorrow will be the day for the procedure and her discharge. I’m flying down on Jan. 10 for 5 days and am interviewing a pet sitter for Tessie in a few days. Just keep your fingers crossed that the weather behaves.