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Travel Preparations


Open suitcaseThere’s kind of a ballet to getting ready to travel and I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a bit for work so I have my routine down pretty pat. I don’t even need a written list any more; the checklist has been absorbed and easily accessed. I even went to my WW meeting yesterday instead of today because I didn’t want to blow it off and knew today would be very full; I had an all day retreat for work before coming home to finish everything up.

I packed on Tuesday so I could get to sleep early tonight for a 2:30am trip to the airport, and did laundry on Sunday so the “line dry” clothes were actually dry and ready to pack. Toiletries are a snap because I keep a travel bag fully stocked with my usual products ready to just drop into the suitcase; the bag gets refilled when I come back from a trip to make this part go faster.

The iPod is fully charged and the cell phone and digital camera batteries are charging even as I type. Boarding passes and parking lot web coupons are printed and stowed in my ruthlessly organized purse (a lovely Dolce & Gabbana knockoff from a recent NYC trip). Books for my dad are in my suitcase; airplane books are in my purse and CPAP bag, along with a week’s worth of medications in those tidy little pill box strips. And a picture of Tessie, in case I get lonely.

I started thinking about food a week ago because I don’t want leftovers or smelly trash, so today’s pickings were kind of weird. I made a little sandwich of baby swiss cheese on a potato roll and cut up two apples to take along for breakfast and a snack, since it’s unlikely anything will be open in the airport before we board at 5:45. I could be wrong about that, but why take the chance? And there’s a Fiber One Oats & Caramel bar tucked along as well. No excuse to grab candy or other nibbles.

There’s a big bottle of Diet Coke in the fridge because I know I’m going to need caffeine to stay awake on my trip to the airport. As long as the bottle is empty, I can bring it with me through security and fill it with water on the other side to take on board.

Tomorrow night at this time – shoot, by lunch time – I’ll be in Texas with my parents and will have a chance to check on my mom and dad and see how they’re holding up. We’ll have a quiet visit including a post-op follow-up trip to the doctor on Monday. I’m really glad I can be there.

So I’m ready to go and will be heading for bed as soon as this CSI rerun is over because I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. I’ll check in when I can from the road.

6 thoughts on “Travel Preparations

  1. Have a good time with your mom and your dad. They will be so happy to see you and it will speed up your mom’s recuperation 100x faster. You are very very organized, btw.

  2. Have a safe trip, Anne, and enjoy this time with your parents.

  3. Have a good time on your trip and we’ll look forward to hearing about it when you’re back. I, too, am impressed with your organization…I thought I was pretty good with my computerized list, but you beat me! 😉

  4. Hope your mom is doing well and that you have an enjoyable visit with your family.

  5. Hope you enjoy your visit with your parents.

  6. Hi, been awhile since I”ve been here. Good God, are you always this organized? Makes me realize again how being fat does not necessarily have much to do with our ability to cope with life. I good thing to remember. Happy visiting.

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