Is Blogging Helping or Not?

I Love BloggingAlicia had a good post today about blogging and how it has helped her find support and helped keep her from regaining weight when she was in a bad place. Others of Us have said the same thing over the last few months, and I know it’s true for me as well.

But. But.

There is support here online and there is value for me in putting the words together. Sometimes I need a lot of words to figure out what’s going on inside or to reflect on the world around me. Other times, though, the words end up twisting me into a place that obsesses about food and diet and exercise instead of just marking my journey.

When I rejoined WW in 2002, I focused hard on working the food plan which seemed simpler in part because I wasn’t obsessing over it. It was what it was, I talked about it in my weekly WW meeting, and then I just did it. I wrote to my supportive guy friend every week and then eventually into several times a week, just to check in briefly. And that turned into what was essentially a private blog, though I didn’t call it that.

I just reread the whole thing and was surprised at how little I really talked about weight and food on a minutia level. The entries were quite short and more general and about living my life, with food and weight and body image as sidebar stories. It was more balanced than I feel as though I’ve been lately.

I think I’m going to revert back to more of that style. We’ll see how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Is Blogging Helping or Not?

  1. vickie

    I have a wide variety of things that I write about (as do you) and the bloggers that I read on a consistent basis do too. There have been a few that I have had to stop reading – but it wasn’t so much because of food or exercise talk – it was because of (their) family circumstances (that upset me). There have been a few that have gotten stuck in a loop of –
    I wanted to eat chocolate –
    I did or didn’t eat chocolate –
    this is how I feel about the fact that
    I did or didn’t eat chocolate.

    More power to them – it is their blog – but it seemed that was their whole life.

    someone might say that same thing about me – I don’t know.

    I think that your blogging feels very well rounded – you always have interesting things to say/think about.

    I will be curious to see what you write about now – if I thought you were diverse in your interests before – I will probably think that you need your own magazine or radio show now!

  2. I agree, I think your blog isn’t just about dieting. I love your adventures when you travel and talk about your job or snuggling with your beautiful little kitty. And one of my favorite things you did was look for all the cows in Boston; I so enjoyed looking at all your cow pictures.

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