Appreciating Sunlight

Hot sunAhhh, Saturday. I am so ready for the weekend, for the chance to putter around and wake up slowly and be in the sunlight. Yesterday was cold, dark, and heavy with rain that left big cold puddles, leading in turn to cold wet feet. On the other hand, it wasn’t snow.

I have seasonal affective disorder and days without sunlight make me all lethargic and squirrely, with short attention span and crankiness. I leave for work at 7:15, just about when the sun is rising, and I come home around 4:30, which is lighter now than it was a month ago (yayyy!). My office is in the basement of our building and it does have a small window up top that looks out at people’s feet as they go by. On a dark gray day, though, it doesn’t help much.

By the time I get to Saturday, especially in mid-winter, I’m feeling light-deprived and ready to soak up the sun. Even in the cold of winter, when hanging around outside isn’t high on my list to do, the sunlight matters.

So here I sit, sipping a cup of coffee and looking at the sun highlighting the tree outside my big windows, watching Buffy on cable. Tessie let me sleep in an extra hour before she decided it was time for breakfast and the curtains in the study are now open so light is pouring in from everywhere. It’s definitely worth the extra $50 to have a corner unit that feels more like a house when the sun comes in.

We played Bird already, Tessie’s new favorite toy. She loves chasing dangly things and this one is amazing – a 3′ long slender rod with a stretchy string attached and at the end, a feather contraption that sounds like wings flapping when it moves. Tessie loooooooooves it and she runs and jumps like a kitten as she plays. Her eyes get all black – “Stepford Cat” as one of my friends calls it – and she quivers and then pounces or leaps to catch this thing that’s invaded her house. It’s fun to watch.

Time to go make breakfast – scrambled egg on a potato roll with pudding yogurt on the side – and then get dressed and go out to enjoy the sun.