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Super Bowl or Super Tuesday?


Little Kids in Football JerseysIt’s almost here. After all the hype, all the ads, all the speeches and media coverage, the boasts, the analysis, the predictions, it’s almost here.

No, I don’t mean Super Tuesday. I mean the Super Bowl.

Connecticut residents are particularly feeling it because we are part of New England but snuggled next to New York and every workplace has had debates about Giants vs. Patriots for the last two weeks. Everyone has utmost confidence that their team will prevail. I hope it’s not ugly tomorrow when it’s all over.

I’ve lived in New England for over 20 years and was a Patriot’s fan before they were winning much of anything. For all the hype and discussion now about how great they are, the 18-0 season and being one win away from running the table, there was as much discussion when they were awful and were being trounced.

No matter what else you can say about the Patriots, their teamwork and focus on one game at a time is real. Tom Brady is the star but his work ethic is astounding: the first one there in the morning, last one to leave, working as a team leader rather than a prima dona. Plus he’s easy on the eyes, even with those black smears on his face that I know serve a purpose but look pretty silly when they have the helmets off.

So I’ll be ensconced in front of the TV for the Big Game watching both the play and the insanely expensive ads, eating fajita chili and chatting on IM with friends to share the experience.

No matter who wins – and I certainly am rooting for the Patriots – I want it to be a well-played game. By the time they get to this last big one, it deserves to have the best players giving their all. It really pisses me off when a big game ends up a blow out with one of the teams looking like a mistake.

And once it’s over – well, no more football. But there’s always Super Duper Tuesday. It’s only two days away.


Sigh. The game is over and we lost. I’m so depressed. It was a great game, lots of tension and excitement. I didn’t hate Eli Manning or the Giants. But I wanted so much for the Patriots to have a 19-0 season, coz it’s not going to happen again for anyone else for a long time. Their season will be considered by everyone to be a failure because they lost this Big Game, even though they won all other 18 games. It hurts.

And as silly as it sounds, I feel responsible because I actually watched the game instead of just monitoring it. I never watch Red Sox games because I don’t want to jinx them, and have done much the same with the Patriots this season. This game I watched and they lost. What are the chances I will watch any next year? Slim.

When is opening day?  I need me some baseball.

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl or Super Tuesday?

  1. Ah, finally someone else with the same superstition as me! I also never watch important games because inevitably, the more vested I am in the results, the more likely they are to go the other way.

    In this case, however, I didn’t watch because I wanted the Giants to win. Not because I’m particularly interested in either team, but because if the Giants won, I won bragging rights at our company until next year. I was the only person who predicted the Giants winning the Super Bowl!

    And, again, although I don’t really follow football all that much now that the Falcons are my home team, it’s nice to be able to do a little trash-talking to all the guys in my office who thought they knew it all about how it was going to go down.

    That being said, I’m sorry your team didn’t win. I must admit to having mixed feelings about the whole perfect season thing. Of course, there’s always next year!

  2. I am so sad the Pats lost. I have been an ardent fan of Randy Moss for years and feel he really deserves the win. It was a good well fought battle, but the ending needed to be the perfect season 19-0.
    What are the chances that will ever happen?

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