I miss Jed Bartlet

Martin Sheen as Jed BartletI’ve been doing IM with my best friend in Chicago as we watched a Law and Order rerun together, and she said I should write about how food is evil. Well, no. I don’t think it is evil. So I asked for another idea and she suggested that I write about how great the South Beach Living foods are (she’s in love with their wraps). Well, no. I haven’t tried them so I can’t write about them. Her final suggestion was, “How about finding lots of different tastes and making them healthy?”

Not a bad idea but I don’t want to write about food. Or eating. Or the Mrs. Prindables chocolate covered caramels that somehow found their way into my fridge.

Instead I just want to say I wish I could vote for Jed Bartlet for President.

I spent a good part of the afternoon with the big wet snowflakes falling outside watching episodes from The West Wing Season 3. It was one of my “must see TV” shows for the 7 years of its run and I have so missed its brilliant ensemble cast and eloquently written stories of great wisdom and wit about flawed people in positions of power.

I’ve especially missed it in this already interminable political season which had pre-candidates declaring intent to run almost 2 years before the general election. We’ve had debates ad nauseum with too many people to keep straight, and caucuses and primaries and ads out the wazoo, especially those of us in states with primaries already behind us. The attack ads are starting to come out and the conventions are still months away with election day months beyond that. It’s pretty disheartening.

As silly as it sounds, I would so love to think of the president and the White House team as actually being smart (unlike the current bunch) and committed to doing the right thing instead of just fighting wars and worrying about their legacy. I don’t feel one iota safer because of actions taken by the current administration and don’t have much confidence that the new president, regardless of party, is going to easily overcome the mess left behind.

I don’t really think that my voice matters much in the process but I did register to vote and showed up at 7:15am for the primary. I was one of those voters that drive pollsters crazy because I made up my mind when I had the ballot and marker in my hands. I do know that not voting isn’t responsible but it’s hard to pay attention now when there is so much time before things really come down to the wire.

In the meantime, I can watch West Wing and hope for better times.