Random Thoughts of a Disordered Mind

The Red Project


Wall advertisement for Vodka Slice PizzaValentine’s Day is this week and I’m remembering that it’s not only about chocolate and lovers and mushy stuff. It’s also about red, my favorite color.

Our Frances is working on something she calls The Red Project: photographs snapped in passing of red things that caught her fancy as an antidote to the blues induced by a gray, cold winter. Mid-February is like that in our part of the world. We wear lots of extra layers and sturdy boots, pull thick hats down over our hair, muffle ourselves with warm scarves and insulated gloves, and scurry along outside wrapped in our private thoughts and attempts to stay warm. There’s not a lot of lingering on a cold winter day.

But if you look, if you pull the eyes up to see the world above the icy pavement, there are spots of bright color popping out of the gray winter landscape. Bright red cardinals in a bush. A red shoe in a window. Holly berries peaking through the snow. Red and white balloons in front of a florist shop. Shiny lipstick-red boots on a black-clad walker. Red newspaper boxes. A street-scape with only red lights as far as you can see. A red concert poster. A deep red tote-bag carried by someone on the bus. The red door of a white church.

Having seen Frances’ pictures, my eye is spotting red everywhere and it makes me smile.

What did you see today?

2 thoughts on “The Red Project

  1. I know after reading this post and checking out the photos, I too will probably be seeing red! Maybe I will take the camera with me to pick up my son from school.

  2. My bright red wool coat!

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