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Ignoring the Oscars


Oscar statueThe Oscars are on and I couldn’t care less. I watched Jon Stewart’s monologue but that’s the only thing that remotely interests me. Can you tell I’m not a movie person? I rarely go to the movies to see new releases when they will be out on pay-per-view in no time, for less and more conveniently. The things I do go see don’t get nominated for awards. So I know that the movies that are celebrated at the Academy Awards are usually things I know next to nothing about – unless George Clooney is involved.

Instead I’m flipping back and forth between HGTV and Food Network, aka the Food Porn channel. I love watching the experts show people how to stage their houses to sell better, even though I don’t have a house and am not selling or buying anything. Everyone should know by now that the keys are neutral colors and style, declutter and remove personal items and a lot of extra furniture, fix things that need mending, and spruce up the outside for curb appeal. See? I could have my own show.

Food Porn is addictive and I especially enjoy the personalities cooking with all their olive oil and butter, making rich and exotic fare fit for celebrations. Dinner at my house doesn’t exactly qualify for that but I don’t find that I want to eat everything on screen. Au contraire: seeing how much butter goes into the batter for good scones make me aware of how much those don’t need to be part of my menu.

Ellie Krieger is one of my favorites. She is a registered nutritionist and her foods are both very healthy and flavorful. Someone on the Television Without Pity boards said, “I like Ellie. Her show is like watching fish in an aquarium. She is relaxing and lowers your blood pressure.” That may sound boring but it really isn’t.

Ellie uses fresh foods and explains things about why certain things matter in choosing ingredients – things that are not necessarily obvious. Another Television Without Pity LogoTWOP poster said, “She went to the grocery store and pointed out that sugar free and low/no fat isn’t always a better choice than real food, and that you can have real anything as long as they’re used with portion control in mind.”

TWOP is one of my fav sites and there are forums for discussing everything you could possibly see on TV, from prime time network shows to reality shows (competitive, how-to, and candid – who knew there were genres of reality?) to cooking to sports to shopping to news. All loaded with snark. Each board has a moderator to make sure things stay within acceptable guidelines, but there is a lot of leeway and it can get heated.

It’s fun, though, and I guess it shows that I’m far more a child of TV than of the movies.

2 thoughts on “Ignoring the Oscars

  1. I was staying over at a dog’s house for the weekend, which gave me license to go hog-wild (literally) with food. In an effort to clean up my act yesterday, & because I had a THIRD dog with me for the day & night, I languished on the couch (I don’t really have one) & watched Project Runway all afternoon.

    It was divine.

    I didn’t twitch a muscle.

    I’d forgotten what it was like to…become absorbed in what other people are creating, watching them in the process of inventing.

    It’s not just being a couch potato (I never watch TV at home). Sometimes it reminds me, at least, of reaching out to the continuum for ideas to match the tools.

    Nor did I eat cookies.

    I hear ya, Miss Anne…

  2. Oh, Frances, you’re hooked into PR. πŸ™‚

    Now, Anne, I have been watching Iron Chef, mainly because you like it so. I can understand it and it is fun. I’ll have to look at Ellie Krieger and see what her show is like.

    Me, I did watch the Gay Superbowl last night, aka the Oscars. πŸ™‚

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