Health is Relative

Medical logoBetween my balky knee and a pain across the top of my foot, I’ve been lurching around and walking a bit oddly today. Okay, very oddly. The knee is hot to the touch in one spot and isn’t bending very well. The foot has been shooting hot pain when I bend it to take a step. I thought that was because I had the shoe tied too tight, but now it’s doing it at home when I’m in my slippers. My arthritic toe on the other foot is swollen and unhappy.

But all it took was a phone call with my parents tonight to put my stuff in perspective.

My aunt is in the hospital with kidney problems, sky high blood pressure, and some mysterious other things that aren’t clear to us or the doctor. Her daughter, my youngest cousin, is facing cardiac catheterization to address continuing medical problems related to throat cancer – and they have no medical insurance. Their company dropped them like a hot potato when they missed a payment, probably glad of a reason to not continue carrying someone who is incurring such high expenses.

I have so much. I have insurance with generous coverage and minimal copays. I have access to excellent doctors and hospitals. I am generally in good health with prescriptions to help with the ongoing medical conditions such as sleep apnea and arthritis. I have the money to pay for what I need, with a comfortable home and a good job.

I’m not close to my aunt and cousin but they are family and will be in my prayers, as I also give thanks for my many blessings.