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Health is Relative


Medical logoBetween my balky knee and a pain across the top of my foot, I’ve been lurching around and walking a bit oddly today. Okay, very oddly. The knee is hot to the touch in one spot and isn’t bending very well. The foot has been shooting hot pain when I bend it to take a step. I thought that was because I had the shoe tied too tight, but now it’s doing it at home when I’m in my slippers. My arthritic toe on the other foot is swollen and unhappy.

But all it took was a phone call with my parents tonight to put my stuff in perspective.

My aunt is in the hospital with kidney problems, sky high blood pressure, and some mysterious other things that aren’t clear to us or the doctor. Her daughter, my youngest cousin, is facing cardiac catheterization to address continuing medical problems related to throat cancer – and they have no medical insurance. Their company dropped them like a hot potato when they missed a payment, probably glad of a reason to not continue carrying someone who is incurring such high expenses.

I have so much. I have insurance with generous coverage and minimal copays. I have access to excellent doctors and hospitals. I am generally in good health with prescriptions to help with the ongoing medical conditions such as sleep apnea and arthritis. I have the money to pay for what I need, with a comfortable home and a good job.

I’m not close to my aunt and cousin but they are family and will be in my prayers, as I also give thanks for my many blessings.

3 thoughts on “Health is Relative

  1. Oh that’s terrible about your aunt and cousin. I know that our hospital (a teaching hospital) has what’s called a blue card where you pay according to what you earn. I also know that even with that, people end up horribly in debt so it’s not much of a solution.

    But seriously, Anne, get your knee looked at — it could be something easily fixed or something that needs some attention. (It sounds a bit like an infection but hey, I’m not a doctor.)

    I hope you feel better and you hear some good news about your aunt and cousin.

  2. I am a little worried that you might have broken one of the bones in your foot – what you describe is what I felt when I did.

    I too am very sorry about your relatives. It is hard/scary/sad (for me anyway) when things start happening to those people in our lives – and in our world.

    Sabrina’s (yoga instructor) dad slipped and fell on the ice a week ago – never woke – was in very good health – it was such a shock to us all.

  3. I know how relatives can be a worry and a burden at the same time.

    Im a 55 year old woman, going through wonderful changes, becomming the person that I truely am. My eating and weight are falling into place, I’ve got a future in teaching Yoga , and Ive been fortunate to be a healthy person all along, but I also have a healthy attitude.feel younger and healthier than I did 25 years ago. …..BUT my hubby is not me. He had a mild heart attack 5 years ago, angioplasty and 2 stents. Guess what, he has a very stressful job, smokes more than ever, has a constant cough, he’s way overweight, eats the wrong stuff execpt when he’s at home, doesn’t exercise. My husband is headed for disaster and I cant get this through to him.. He thinks that he’s invincible. How can two married people be so different.

    It makes me angry and sick.

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