Last Things Before Travel

Tessie on a shelfOne last small load of clothes is in the dryer, the dishwasher is churning away, American Idol (“Girls Night”) is on TV, and my kitty is curled up on the stool next to me to be petted. I’m mostly packed with only my bathrobe, hair dryer and brushes to add to the suitcase in the morning, unless I forgot something.

I did stop at WW on the way home from work, in spite of that box of peanut brittle – or maybe because of it. I couldn’t leave for Chicago without facing up to the music of what I ate. And, of course, I was up. Again. The only good things about that are that it wasn’t a surprise and I know what happened. I guess those are really good things, actually.

The difficult conversation didn’t happen today, either, and now it’s delayed until after my return. I’m going to try to just leave it behind when I go jetting off in the morning. This weekend is about spending time with friends. I’m not even taking a laptop so won’t be blogging until I’m back. Stay out of trouble!