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My Not Very Good Day


Spring AheadYesterday was a very hard day at work, with an unexpected conversation that left me feeling as thought I’d been run over by a truck. On a gray Friday afternoon, at the end of what felt like a long week that had started in Chicago.

Immediately after the bombshell there was a librarian’s lunch to learn about Chinese law. I guess being with people and having the food provided so I didn’t have to make hard choices, plus being distracted by a group discussion, was a good thing.

I just know that after lunch all I wanted to do was barricade myself in the office and do brainless things. Checking files to follow up on outstanding problems. Tidying. Weeding email. Even dusting. I had gentle New Age music playing on Pandora and I got through the time. My immediate desire for chocolate was mollified by two WW peanut butter bliss bars in my emergency stash.

But it was hard and I’m incredibly glad that I have the weekend before going back. Today I spent the morning doing hair things (roots, highlights, cut), going out for lunch, and sitting at home watching the pouring rain and finishing a wonderful book by Diane Chamberlain. I ate too much and am not particularly sorry about it.

Tessie woke me up this morning at 7:30 after I’d had 9 hours of sleep and the alarm didn’t go off at 7, so her little meows in my ear and investigation of the CPAP mask were very timely. Tonight we change the clocks and I’m going to try to just sleep until I wake up tomorrow, whatever time that turns out to be. While I love having more light at the end of the day, I’m not excited about waking up in the deep darkness again, but spring isn’t far away and that too shall pass.

3 thoughts on “My Not Very Good Day

  1. This morning, fed up with the fact that I can no longer button my jeans when I’m sitting down, I started searching blogs for Weight Watchers. Imagine my surprise when I found myself mentioned in your charming blog! I’m so delighted you enjoyed one of my books. That’s just what I needed to hear this morning to avoid calling my ten-year-old neighbor for more girl scout cookies. Thanks for the boost, and best of luck on your journey.

  2. I’m so glad you mentioned Diane Chamberlain! I’ve read a number of her books over the years and enjoyed them, but she had fallen off my radar in the last couple of years. Funny, but back in 2003 when I started exercising and losing weight (fstrange how those two things go together), I suddenly stopped reading books. There just didn’t seem to be the time.

    Now that I’ve put most of my weight back after falling (or is it jumping) out of the healthy lifestyle, I find myself drifting back to reading books rather than magazine. I’ll have to look up DC’s recent books and catch up!

    And, now that I’ve acknowledged this issue, I guess I need to work on how I can combine both a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and my favorite pastime – reading! Hmmm…I’m sure there’s a way to do it!

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