Bingeing on Girl Scout Cookies

SamoasGirl Scout cookies don’t solve everything but they certainly do taste good.

I’d successfully evaded the sprouts, instead making a contribution to one colleague’s daughter’s troop to purchase cookies for a homeless shelter. But this morning they got me outside the grocery store. They were cheerful and bright-eyed, adorned in colorful sashes covered with those little badges of accomplishment. There must be one for cookie sales, too, though I think a lot of parents would be earning those instead.

We had a lively chat about what was their current best seller and what each of them liked as a favorite, and I ended up buying a box of Samoas, loaded with coconut and chocolate and fat and goodness, giving them a $10 bill with the rest to go to the support the troop. The girls were thrilled and I had the box opened before I left the parking lot. Of course.

They’re all gone now. Not smart, which I knew before I bought them. I also was pretty sure I would end up doing exactly what I did: eat the box during the afternoon, picking away. There were only 15 cookies, I think, not tons and tons the way there are with those delicious Thin Mints. It was, however, still 15 cookies more than I usually eat in a week much less a day.

Now I’m feeling stuffed with an upset tummy. The cookies led to other things which didn’t include the fresh crisp apples in the bottom of the fridge. I did manage to have some protein in there somewhere but the whole day was out of whack. I’ve now brushed my teeth, put on a robe, and am sitting here with a liter bottle of water. It won’t make up for the cookie binge but at least it’s something to hold on to.