Bingeing on Girl Scout Cookies

SamoasGirl Scout cookies don’t solve everything but they certainly do taste good.

I’d successfully evaded the sprouts, instead making a contribution to one colleague’s daughter’s troop to purchase cookies for a homeless shelter. But this morning they got me outside the grocery store. They were cheerful and bright-eyed, adorned in colorful sashes covered with those little badges of accomplishment. There must be one for cookie sales, too, though I think a lot of parents would be earning those instead.

We had a lively chat about what was their current best seller and what each of them liked as a favorite, and I ended up buying a box of Samoas, loaded with coconut and chocolate and fat and goodness, giving them a $10 bill with the rest to go to the support the troop. The girls were thrilled and I had the box opened before I left the parking lot. Of course.

They’re all gone now. Not smart, which I knew before I bought them. I also was pretty sure I would end up doing exactly what I did: eat the box during the afternoon, picking away. There were only 15 cookies, I think, not tons and tons the way there are with those delicious Thin Mints. It was, however, still 15 cookies more than I usually eat in a week much less a day.

Now I’m feeling stuffed with an upset tummy. The cookies led to other things which didn’t include the fresh crisp apples in the bottom of the fridge. I did manage to have some protein in there somewhere but the whole day was out of whack. I’ve now brushed my teeth, put on a robe, and am sitting here with a liter bottle of water. It won’t make up for the cookie binge but at least it’s something to hold on to.

One thought on “Bingeing on Girl Scout Cookies

  1. Dear Marilyn,

    I can see why you feel confused, out of control, and frightened by your eating issues. You are the only one who can care enough about yourself to take care of yourself. There is no blog or website that can give you the answers or the motivation that you can give yourself. You have come to the end of the road. You have to really love yourself in order to say “no” to most of the food that you’ll encounter. I mean MOST of the food. We’re faced with food all day, every day, every where we turn, and we just cant eat it. You just have to face that fact. If you keep going the way you have been, you are just setting yourself up for diabetes, heart problems, circulatory problems, and joint problems. Success doesnt mean on again, off again dieting. It means deciding what is healthy for YOU and crossing over. If you want yourself to be healthy, you have to firmly establish your guidelines, then stick with them. You not only need to establish guidelines, but also an additional emergency margin.

    So go ahead now – step over and don’t look back.


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