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Recommitting to Weight Watchers


Weight Watcher ChickensI’ve been seriously debating whether to stop paying for Weight Watchers meetings since I don’t seem to be very focused on actually following the program. On the one hand it feels like a waste of money – and on the other hand, I know that if I had abandoned the weekly weigh in, I would have gained back every pound already.

So I guess that’s a no-brainer.

The ideal solution is for me to find the focus again so I actually do the program. It works if I follow it and it gives me flexibility and options. Right now I’m operating on “emotional eating” mode, something I’ve perfected in my quest to fill pain and stress with comfort food. How’s it working for me? Not very well, actually.

My former WW leader Arlene used to tell us a story about a friend of hers who was dealing with a confluence of crises in her life, and yet was able to stay on program. When asked how she did it, she said that the only thing she could control in her life right then was food. Everything else was out of her hands. So she controlled what she could and it helped her with some structure and kept her from careening around, hammered by all the other stuff happening to and around her.

Eating whatever I want isn’t helping me with the stress currently on my plate. Neither is turning into a couch potato. I can control my food even while I’m dealing with some stress points. I can add in some walking, especially now that the time has changed and there’s more light at the end of the day. I can drink another bottle of water while at work instead of another bottle of Diet Coke.

I think I’ll put on my walking shoes and get dressed for work and put some of that into play today.

5 thoughts on “Recommitting to Weight Watchers

  1. I like your focus on starting where you can. I have been journaling again (for one whole day) and starting to add back in the workouts. The fact that I’m unhappy about certain things in my life has been a too-convenient excuse for throwing all that healthy stuff out the window. So now I have a less-healthy body, tighter pants, and the things I’m unhappy about are still there too… so like you said, how’s that working for me? Not so well….

  2. This so hits home for me. And you are absolutely right about sticking with WW. I was doing the same thing – going to the meetings but putting on weight. I had the same conversation with myself – I’m wasting my time/money, etc. and unfortunately made the opposite decision. Now I’m almost back to my starting weight 😦 and can’t seem to get started back in the right direction.

    I get a “quote a day” email from Real Simple, and today’s quote was particularly relevant:

    A year from now you may wish you had started today.
    — Karen Lamb

    Wow – today I certainly wish I had gotten a grip last year at this time – what an incredible difference that would have made to my life the last 12 months! …so I guess I have some decisions to make!

    Good luck on sharpening your focus. I’ll be working on mine as well!

  3. I’ve been thinking about quitting too because it’s $50 a month that would not show up on my credit card. But I am being wishy-washy about it for the same reasons. I really like your post and I like Jen’s and Denise’s comments — good points to remember. (Now if only I hadn’t had what I had for breakfast…)

    PS The girl scouts are everywhere lurking. Who know what evil lies in the heart of man? Girl Scouts, apparently.

  4. I came on to this site BECAUSE I was so tempted to go into the garage fridge to get some Girl Scout cookies. I knew that I needed help.

    Today I spent a wonderful day with my friend, at a Women’s health awareness conference. It was fun, entertaining, and extremely informative. The meals were a wonderful assortment of healthy and not so healthy choices – I was happy to make very healthy choices. THEN I came home, my husband was still on the computer with his war games, just as he was when I left him this morning, and last night, and all day yesterday. Anyway, I got home bubbling over, and he said ” hey, I’ll be out in a minute, I just want to finish this up”. I know what that means. Anyway, my daughter and Grand daughter came over for dinner, my husband came out of the hole to eat, but then he went back in. Im so sick of this! He over smokes, over eats like you wouldn’t believe. He’s 80 pounds overweight, doesn’t move around, has an extremely stressful job, and…….he had a heart attack 5 years ago and was given 2 stents and a bunch of pills. Has he changed any habits? Hell no! He’s worse than ever. So now I feel like he’s pushing his 55 year old body to the extreme, shutting me out, and all I have is somebody here who is pushing himself into a fatal heart attack, and/or lung cancer. Right, I feel like I have a husband who won’t be around much longer, and who puts no value whatsoever on himself or our relationship. This is where the near cookie attack came in. I hate living like this, and I detest the way he is behaving. Yes I take it very personally. I try to be healthy, to think healthy, but it sure isnt rubbing off on him.

    I feel better now that Ive vented, and I will not get the cookies out of the garage fridge.

  5. I am so sick of listening to myself. I analyze, write, journal, start over, journal foods, count points sometimes, but most of all, I keep my same stupid habits that keep me overweight. I want to conquer this, but right now I am just so down about it. I feel discouraged, and so disappointed in myself. I just feel like a blob that doesn’t really accomplish much of anything. I just feel like im not getting anywhere with this. I go to WW and every week its the same old number. They probably wonder why Im there. I wonder why im there . I guess that Im looking for inspiration to hit me in the face and solve all my problems. Im looking for motivation, and Im looking for someone to say “gee, you TRIED so hard this week, we’ll GIVE you a 10 pound loss”. Well, it just doesn’t work that way, now does it. I need to go to the meeting with my own motivation, nobody can give it to me. I have to feel it from within and see my goal as something attainable, and stick to my guns.

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