Easter candy overdose

Easter candyIs Easter over yet? No? Can we just fast forward a week …. wait, no, then we would have all the leftover candy on sale for 50% off. That would be worse.

At work today there were bowls of foiled covered eggs and caramel kisses but I wanted something else. And on the way home I stopped and picked up a small (thank god) bag of malted milk eggs covered first in chocolate and than that delectable candy coating that is so sweet that it will rot your teeth. And I’ve eaten more than half the bag.

Fortunately I’ve stopped. They’re not that good and I’ve gotten my craving satisfied. I confess that there is also a bag of Starburst jellybeans in my “go to the office” bag. Do I need them? No. Will I eat them all? No. Will I enjoy them? Yeah, maybe. At first, anyway.

The thing is, the first bite is the best taste. It doesn’t get better as I keep eating them. So having five jellybeans, while somewhat inconceivable, would give me the bright burst of flavor (and sugar). I don’t have to eat the entire bag to get that. And I bet that if I put the rest in a little bowl out in a public area, others will eat them and I won’t be tempted.

Easter isn’t about jellybeans or chocolate bunnies or plastic grass stuffed into little baskets or dyed eggs or pastel colored stuffed animals. It’s about the resurrection of Christ, and all that other stuff is just decoration.