At the Zoo

Today I started out on a mission quest to BBW consignment shop, exclusively for women size 14 and over. I only got lost once, which was pretty much a miracle since I am sometimes geographically challenged, even when armed with directions and a map. The shop was empty – I guess people were out buying chocolate eggs or groceries for a big Easter dinner instead of shopping. There really wasn’t anything of interest today for me, but the nature of consignment is that merchandise is one of a kind and changes quickly. And now I have a good idea of what kinds of things sell, which means I can bring clothes and shoes there the next time.

Siberian tigersInstead of heading home as planned, I ended up going to the zoo. It was a perfect day for it, bright sun for a change, and chilly but not super cold or windy. I really love zoos when they’re not crawling with people who get in the way of connecting with the animals. My idea of a zoo includes lions, elephants, zebras, monkeys and assorted bears. I won’t go into a reptile exhibit if I can help it, and I usually can.

The Beardsley Zoo was a surprise because it’s so tiny for the only zoo in the whole state. No lions or elephants or big bears for me. But I did see the tigers and looked at animals of North and South America instead of the expected African veldt. They looked mostly cuddly, cute and accessible rather than fierce and exotic. In the center of the zoo is a Farmyard section with animals familiar to kids – goats, sheep, pigs, owls, ducks, and the like. No cows, though. There was even a barn cat.

The Siberian tigers were my favorites and I could have watched them for an hour except mostly they were sleeping, and my knee was hurting some after walking around for an hour. I missed the other big animals, though. When I go to DC next month, I definitely want to go to the National Zoo and see pandas, lions, tigers and bears. Oh my!

One thought on “At the Zoo

  1. vickie

    I remember that episode of CSI well.

    I thought I had watched all the original CSI too – but since I have been recooperating – I have found a couple that I missed.

    Same with all the Law and Orders (happy day when I find one I have never seen before).

    Two years ago at the gym – I watched CSI Miami reruns (new to me) while on the treadmill for an hour. I watched my way all the way through them that year.

    I have found a couple of those – new to me- the last couple weeks also. Oh, happy day – yes, I am that bored.

    When the oldest was a baby/toddler – he and I used to walk the zoo nearly every day. We had a pass – so it was free (after the original fee) and we really got our money’s worth – with him in the stroller – I could zoom. We walked about an hour (there) each day.

    Now, with all the kids big/grownish, we make it once or twice a summer.

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