Comparing Grocery Stores

Grocery Store AisleThere are two big grocery stores within a mile of my house, essentially across the street and down a few blocks from each other. Both are on my way home from work so it’s easy to stop and pick up a few things. But which to choose?

Store A, on the inbound side of the road, is next to Petco so on days when I need to pick up some of those cans of smelly cat food that Tessie loves, I go there and let one parking spot do double duty. Store A also has my favorite white grape fizzy water and a better supply of Fiber One bars and I like their ready-to-go rotisserie chicken better than the place across the street. Produce and meat are about the same. None of my boxed Corn Chipotle soup in this one, which is a bummer, and they turned their “Natural Dairy” case into something for other liquids but left the sign up which always confuses me. They do, however, have more variety of larabars.

Store B, on the outbound side of the road, is my choice when I need Fage yogurt. They are also the only chain in the region to carry Kim’s Light Bagels which are yummy and low cal/carb/fat/points. The natural food section seems smaller but has more stuff that I like, including my soup. They also have a special aisle where all the specials for the week are, which makes it easier to find them.

Prices in both stores are comparable, with sales on different things at different times. Both let you scan and bag your own groceries, though pretty much I end up bagging them whether a cashier checks me out or not. But Store B has a really cool service that I find I use most of the time now — a little hand-held scanner that you use as you shop, getting a running total as you go. Scan, bag, move on. By the time you’re finished, it’s a simple scan at the register to close the order and you’re on your way. It’s funny to be in an aisle and listen to the little “ca-ching” sound from carts and people around you.

So I find that I’m going to Store B more often than Store A, unless I want fizzy water – or catfood. It’s nice to have choices.