No Longer a Weight Watcher

Vegetable PeopleI did it. After thinking about this off and on for several weeks, I cancelled my WW membership for meetings and etools, effective mid-April when my current monthly pass runs out.

Eeeeeek. It feels really weird to have done this because I’ve been a WW member for almost six years this time. But I haven’t been working the program or staying for meetings and it was time to either DO those things or own up to what I’m actually doing. Which is not WW.

It’s a wonderful program. It’s the only thing that’s ever really worked for me long-term. It’s the reason I’ve been able to maintain at least some of my last big weight loss. I may be back. But it just was no longer a good fit for me now.

I’ve been enjoying using the SparkPeople site over this last week, seeing nutritional values of what I eat in terms of calories, fat, carbs, protein and fiber. That’s more helpful than arbitrary points, even if points are based on a formula of calories/fat/protein. Points are not created equal and the more complete nutrition shows me why.

I’m going to count Saturday morning weigh in as my daily number. I’m responsible for recording it myself, which I will do. And we’ll see how this goes.

For the last week, my food has been more balanced and I’ve been more aware of not only what I ate but how I ate it. Partly it’s the SparkPeople thing. But I’m also watching Paul McKenna’s I Can Make You Thin programs on TLC and trying to put his simple rules into practice:

1. Don’t starve yourself.
2. Eat when you’re hungry.
3. Eat what you like.
4. Eat consciously.
Plus the usual drinking lots of water, sleeping enough, and getting in some exercise.
There’s no magic involved in this process. Just making better choices than the day before, eating good food that’s good for me, and keep on trying. Wish me luck!

10 thoughts on “No Longer a Weight Watcher

  1. vickie

    It must have been a hard decision to leave WW after being with them so long – perhaps a little scary and a little exciting? Good luck and best wishes

  2. denise

    Good luck in your post WW life. I’m sure there’s a sense of relief just for having made the decision.

    I was thinking of you today when I was going through a stack of articles that I’ve been saving over the last year or two (yes, it’s true, I’m the very definition of a packrat – I wasn’t getting RID of them – I was FILING them…as if I’ll ever read them again!)

    In any case, I found an article from Health Magazine last year that listed 3 web sites for weight loss that they like and sort of categorized them. You guessed it – SparkPeople was at the head of the list with a headline of “The best one-stop shop.”

    The other two were Google 15 (not sure if I can post an actual web address here, so I won’t try). This one has a headline of “The best weight tracker.” Apparently that’s al it does is track your weight. You input daily weights and it analyzes the trend to take out the emotional ups and down of daily weight changes.

    The 3rd tool, under the heading of “The best cutomizable diet search tool” was Diet Television. You tell it what’s important to you food-wise and it comes up with a diet for you.

    If you want to read the article, you can go to Health-dot-com and search for Log on to Lose it (the name of the article).

    All the best with your new direction.

  3. Good luck, Anne. I know you’ve been unhappy with WW for a while and this seems like a sensible move. I like those “I can make you thin” rules.

  4. Sarah B

    Wow, I am in EXACTLY the same place. How strange. I am considering canceling WW monthly. I am dabbling with McKenna’s program and using the Daily plate to track food.

    I’ll be watching to see how you do, right now I am just using WW to weigh in once a week, accountability.

  5. beula

    Hi Lori, I am bugging everyone with this question. Do you think you are a sugar addict? If so what does that mean to you? I am also watching Paul McKenna and am currently so mixed up about my eating I could spit. Thanks.

  6. Best of luck, Anne,

    Believe me, I also know that even though WW is a wonderful program, you can end up just spinning your wheels. Been there, done it.

    I’ve had a recent mental breakthrough which has miraculously changed my eating. Im now simply concentrating on getting in all my important food groups, and since my breakthrough, not obsessed with the extras and the snacking.

    I couldnt figure out why, just why, did I eat continuously whenever I was alone. Ive been doing this for years, many years actually, but it’s become more apparant lately for some reason. Anyway, I remember myself as a chubby little girl, realizing that no matter what I ate, healthy or not, I was made fun of, every time I lifted a piece of food to my mouth. I learned to eat as much as I could, in private, and I learned to use my alone time for this “great hobby” as it became. So it’s that simple. Wouldn’t you think that something that simple would have become clear a lot sooner than this? Well, the important thing is that it finally happened. This has changed everything about how I see food and my alone time. Now, eating like that actually seems silly to me, although it caused many years of weight problems for me.

    Good luck to you, and I really hope that you can find your way with your personal program. WW doesn’t have all the answers.

    Please feel free to email me at any time.

  7. Well, that chubby little girl took over me again this weekend. I was so aggravated with my husband all weekend and I simply reverted to my old emotional reactive ways with food. Did it help? Nope! Im worn out today from calories and anger – what a combo! That chubby little girl inside of me, crawled back into the hole of emotional private eating. I guess that you could say that I let the outside world dictate my personal world. In other words, I let my husband’s behavior upset me and I turned myself inward to food. yes, it was very comforting, briefly. But now Im left with the feeling that I allowed my own emotions to mess me up. Here I am trying to feel better about life, and I actually let my own emotions to hurt me. How sick is that? I dont want to hurt myself anymore. I want to feel better about life. I know that I have to break certain patterns in order to do that.. Im getting nowhere like this. I realize that my homelife isnt easy right now, but then it never was, so what. I know that it’s me, not anyone else. I know how I developed the emotional eating pattern as a little girl, it’s just a matter of breaking the pattern. I let the little girl fade into the back of my mind and that was the easy thing to do, but when I really think about her, deeply and clearly, I dont feel like eating anymore. It’s difficult to do that in the midst of the business of everyday life, but I can see that I have to in order to break out of these patterns. I may find that I’ll always have to keep her in the front of my mind since the events of the past have been directing me for the past 55 years. I guess you could say that this will be a type of self therapy, right?

  8. Well, I’ve decided that Im already a very attractive woman, and now I need to become a healthy, attractive woman. Im not referring to model beauty, but the outside reflecting joy and self confidence from the inside. Iv e been going to Weight Watchers on and offf for many years, but never really getting anywhere. I feel like this weight is cemented to me, or that it’s somehow naturally attached. Common sense tells me otherwise, but my feeling leave me feeling stuck with I want my attractivness to come from glowing good health and a reflection of the spirit that is loved and nurtured. Ive been going to Weight Watchers on and off for many years, without much of a change. I sometimes feel that this weight is stuck to me as a natural appendage and that I’ll never lose it. Common sense tells me otherwise. If I just stop that accelerating steam engine of eating that occurs in the evening, I would be able to be a truly healthy woman. I want to be healthy physically, spiritually, and mentally. This is the beauty that I am striving for.

  9. Julie McCoy

    Good for you. It is probably a smart decision. Letting go is difficult, but at some point we need to prove to ourselves that we can do this without being handed a sticker for drinking a glass of water.

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