Figuring Out My Gifts

Star tarot cardI had a tarot reading today, the first in a long time that I didn’t do for myself. It became abundantly clear that my primary focus right now needs to be not about weight loss or professional development; it’s about healing my spiritual core. One part of that is figuring out what my gifts are, so that I can reclaim my power.

It sounded well and good when she told me that, and resonated as true. But I don’t really have a clue how to do it. It’s not as easy as opening a catalog and picking a few things out, trying them on for size, and saying, oh sure, THESE are my gifts. Is organization the same kind of gift as the ability to do jigsaw puzzles? What about being compassionate vs speed reading? What about things I may be brilliant at but have never even considered?

This seems like a good thing for me to be working on right now, but I could use some suggestions from you good people about how to go about looking at my life, my heart, my abilities, my talents, to somehow discern my gifts.

Any thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Figuring Out My Gifts

  1. It may sound corny but for me a lot of it comes down to paying attention to the day-to-day things, and not looking for Something Huge. When I’m feeling frayed around the edges, I look around me for beauty, try to see the good small things that happened, to take pride in it when I’m doing good work, to look for ways to reach out to people in small ways. Sort of like some of the questions in our old inventory, I guess.

    You have lots of gifts: You’re beautiful and funny and kindhearted and you have a personality that lights up a room.

    When I’m feeling crummy, of course, that small kind of gratitude is the first thing to go away, and then I feel even more lost and alone.

  2. denise

    I think asking others is probably a great way to go about understanding your gifts because often others see value in things that we aren’t even aware of ourselves.

    I only know you through this sort of one dimensional world of the blogs, but I know you have a gift for communication. Your writing is always articulate and insightful and you have a flare for finding the best pictures to go with your topics!

    You are honest – with us and with yourself (the hardest kind of honest to be) – or at least it appears to me to be so.

    Your pictures show that you have a deep appreciation for nature and the beauty that’s all around us in ordinary things.

    And, you’re courageous – you picked up, moved, and started a whole new life recently!

  3. vickie

    I don’t know much about them – but a female life coach came to mind.

    I also wondered about actual written tests – like placement tests for deciding a major/career – except one that is geared to hobbies or volunteer work or inner peace or life skills.

    The old method of folding a paper in two and writing PROS on one side and CONS on another – is a thought.

    I read your blog and then thought about myself –
    I need quiet and orderlyness.
    I like to stay/work ahead.
    I like moving/physical things – not things that encourage me to sit on my butt.
    I like a challenge in a non-stressful way.
    I like things that involve planning/organization.
    I like a set schedule – not fly by the seat of your pants things.
    Since I am around children so much – I look for non-children activities.
    I do better with women! If men – then there has to be distance and no isolation with men.
    I don’t want to be responsible for anyone else.
    I have to be able to walk away – at the end of the day – without something causing rumination.

    Good luck – will be interested to hear more about your journey.

  4. I agree with Denise. You would do well to listen up to your pals. And this old buddy agrees that you are unusually courageous and fabulous at writing and other forms of communication.

    I don’t get why figuring out your gifts will help heal your spiritual core, but I’m probably just being dense.

    For me what’s helping the most is having a mentor. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find someone in touch with their spirituality whom you really trust. I wasn’t particularly looking for one when I happened into mine.

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