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America Got it Wrong

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What are you THINKING, America??  Voting Michael Johns off American Idol before those screechy females Carly and Syesha?  I mean, c’mon.  Sure, the performance on Tuesday night wasn’t his best and he was wearing one of those weird scarf things that never made a lot of sense.  But he’s Australian and maybe their fashion police insist on it.

What I loved was the voice.  He seemed like a nice guy and he really shone on the rock and bluesy songs.  Michael has stage presence and can really fill up the space as well as the potential to be a great front man.  I want to buy his music.

I don’t want Carly or Syesha and can’t believe they are still around to annoy me when my Michael has gone home.  Not to mention the Davids.  Well, okay, I like David C. even if his performance this week wasn’t his best.  Actually, only one of them performed really well to my mind this week and even that wasn’t overwhelming.  David A. isn’t even on my radar of singers I want to listen to again – it’s like he’s in a high school talent show.  Good voice, sure.  Will I buy it?  Nope.

That’s the ultimate test — what will people buy?  I can’t believe that there as many women left as there are, considering the field of men this year was so much better.  But please, America.   Stop voting for the wrong people.  Wasn’t George Bush enough?

One thought on “America Got it Wrong

  1. Absolutely agree with you 100%!! Syesha, that smug b—-. I really want her to leave. I want her to leave more than I even want Kristy (who magically has gotten better the past few weeks) to leave. I want to like Carly, but am having trouble. I thought Jason was the only one that was good this week. My favorite is David C because he’s INTERESTING (and thank God he did something with that tragic hair). David A has a good BORING voice and a sweet demeanor — all the teeny boppers are voting for him. Michael was the sexy MAN though…and I’m sure that was his problem…too old for the people who actually vote (teenies). Rant off… 😉

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