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Wait Wait Update

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Wait Wait Don\'t Tell me taping“Wait, Wait” was a blast. It was kind of weird to be watching people record a radio show. Let’s face it, the set is pretty simple because the listeners don’t have a clue.

The stage was set with a table for panelists on one side, podiums for Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell on the other side, and a big green leather chair in the middle for the special guest segment. Above was a giant projection screen so we could see closeups. This feed was also shown over in a satellite theater for folks gathered for a simulcast viewing.

There were preliminary funny bits – Peter Sagal is incredibly quick witted and started off by welcoming us and generally touting the wonderfulness of public radio listeners in general and Nutmeggers in particular. Nutmeggers being people from Connecticut, which sounds kind of silly, but we are the Nutmeg State so it works. Peter thought it was great that they sold enough tickets to fill two theaters, including people sitting there watching a radio program on TV.

Basically the night was them just going through the radio show, with a few short breaks of a minute or two in between segments. So it went quickly with lots of great lines about politics and baseball (Red Sox and Yankees rivalry always gets a response here). Special guest for the “Not my Job” section was Jane Curtin, who is a Nutmegger herself. She and Peter had a long chat about her career, SNL and other shows. I’m thinking that part will be edited down a bit for broadcast.

My friend M and I had a great time visiting and laughing along with 2800 other people. The rest of you will get a chance this weekend. Listen in and see if you can hear me up in the balcony.

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  1. too fun!!!

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