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Seriously considering lapband surgery


Fat woman in a bikiniI’m not doing so well on my post-WW eating plan. Because I’m not holding myself accountable, which I know is what I need to do, or eating the things that I know I should be eating, because they’re not here or my schedule is crazy or I just don’t feel like it. I have a big attitude problem.

But really what I want is to be smaller. Not a skinny minny, just smaller so I can feel more comfortable in my body, fit into seats, find cute clothes that fit. I wouldn’t know myself as a skinny minny but I wouldn’t go into surgery obese and wake up thin anyway. It takes time.

There was a segment on 60 MInutes tonight about bariatric surgery and the changes in how it’s performed as well as the effectiveness on medical conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea, and chances for getting cancer. The post-op patient panel members were happy, enthusiastic, and successful. I wish more people with longer-term success had been included, but there are other places where I get that kind of information.

My doctor asked me back in March if I would consider the lapband surgery based on current research and patient experience, not on what I’d heard before. I’m not quite there but I’m a lot closer. I know that WLS isn’t an easy out or an easy adjustment to a lifestyle. But my current approach isn’t working and hasn’t for a long time.

9 thoughts on “Seriously considering lapband surgery

  1. have you considered any of the medications that are out there to control over eating? One of my anti-dep did that to me in a extreme way – and that it is one its well documented side effects. What was too much the wrong way for me – might be just the right amount of help for someone else.

    I know there are other physician prescribed ones that have good track records.

    I also wondered if you have ever worked with an eating disorder therapist. I don’t remember if you have ever posted about it. If you are considering the surgery – don’t you work with one for a LONG time in advance?

  2. I know that whatever decision you make will be carefully researched and well thought out. I am sorry that things are so hard for you right now. It’s tough to try to do this stuff, day after day.

    There’s an Anne who writes for Elastic Waist who had some kind of WLS. Maybe she’d be a good person to chat with.

  3. People who have Lap Band surgery, by and large, love it. They lose a lot of weight, especially if they do some exercise, and they live longer and tell researchers that they’re happier. I have a lot of information on the various Lap Band studies that have been done, and lots of interviews and YouTube clips with people who have Lap Bands. I also go through a lot of the research around weight gain, and why keeping weight off that you’ve lost is darn near impossible.

    Best of luck however you go.


  4. As Jen said, I’m sure that your decision will be thoroughly researched and carefully considered. But before you make a final decision, may I suggest that you visit the blog of Melting Mama http://meltingmama.typepad.com/wls/wls_complications/index.html

    She had WLS several years ago and has had so many complications that researching side effects and getting medical tests is almost a full-time job for her. From my reading, the medical establishment pushes WLS without fully informing prospective patients of the common side effects.

    Anyway, I’m joining the others in wishing you good luck in whatever you decide to do.

  5. hugs again today. I thought about you are your journey all day yesterday and again all morning. Wishing you really good help and strength.

  6. Anne, I have to concur with the rest of the comments here. I know you will research it thoroughly and make the decision that’s best for you. It is hard to do and I only wish the best for you. Take care of yourself.

  7. You are so smart and will research the pros and cons of lapband surgery. You have so many friends that will support whatever decision you make.

    Hope you have a nice time in DC.

  8. This sounds like a big decision, but be careful, do your homework, and most of all consider your motivation. I say this because whenever I read one of your posts, I could swear that it was me writing.

    I have to say, that the only one/thing letting me down and holding me back is myself. Nearly every day, or every couple of days, I have a new revelation, a new break through, a new awakening, a new out look, a new perspective, refreshed motivation, and on, and on, and on, day after day, now year after year. Im the one who keeps breaking my own heart. I realized today, how actually sad I make myself when I went from some Dove minis that I was packaging up for some little Mother’s day gifts, to some Girl Scout cookies that I came across. Those goodies went to overeating the rest of the evening simply because I was so disappointed in myself. I dont know why Im my own door mat.

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