Feeling good

Construction Workers on BreakHad an interesting experience this week on my way to lunch with a colleague. I work on a college campus with pretty, thin, young co-eds all over and now that it’s warmer weather and coats are off, I can feel pretty fat amidst all the young folks. I can’t hide my size but I feel uncomfortable walking around.

Add to that the lovely experience of walking down a block near a construction spot at lunch time, with construction workers in hardhats lining the street, eating lunch, having a smoke, and watching the passersby. I hate feeling as though I’m walking a gauntlet.

But this time I had a thought, remembering how B looked at me when we were in Chicago a few weeks ago. He is the first man I’ve ever met who really prefers large ladies and told me I was beautiful with his eyes saying the same thing. As I walked down the street past the construction guys, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, one or two of them saw the skinny college girls but thought that they preferred women with meat on their bones.

I walked a little straighter with a little swing in my step.

FYI – I’m off to DC this weekend for a conference with 1800 of my closest friends. I won’t have tons of time to blog but will pop on when I have a chance. Stay out of trouble!