Greetings from DC

The good news is that I’m down in DC for my favorite geeky library systems people conference with 1600 of my closest friends. I took the train down yesterday from CT and enjoyed the comfortable travel and chance to see things on the way, though the bathrooms were a bit smelly. We don’t spend the trip in the loo, though, so it wasn’t a big deal. Had dinner last night with my roommate, a friend of many years from Philly, and this morning we were at excellent workshop on transitioning systems, and then lunch in a very posh place with sparkly chandeliers and yummy food.

This afternoon my roomie and I went to the National Zoo, just a few long blocks down the street. We’d planned to go and really wanted to see the pandas and big cats, and were smart enough to take a cab to save on my knee. If you’ve never seen the National Zoo, make sure you go when you’re in the city. It’s free and it’s huge. The giant pandas are so cute and cuddly looking as they munch bamboo and look through those black eyes. The only other animals we saw actually moving around much were the tigers, who paced back and forth like, well, tigers. The lion, cheetahs, clouded leopard, and fishing cat all were sleepy and made me think of Tessie. I bought a little stuffed cheetah that makes rrraaawwwrr sounds when you push her tummy.

The bad news is that my afternoon adventure has about killed my knee. Slow walking through a rather raw afternoon, with lots of up and down hill sections, had me limping badly and feeling sorry for myself – and in a lot of pain. I opted to stay in the room tonight, dining on room service and letting the percoset start to work. I have three more full days here before heading home, and I can’t afford to be such a mess this early. Keep your fingers crossed that I listen to my body and pay attention to what it needs. Stretching limits is one thing but immobility and pain is something else.