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Sick on Saturday


Tonight I can almost swallow with minimal pain and sort of breathe through my congested head, big improvements over yesterday and earlier today.  I came home from DC with a very sore throat and aching head, signs of a cold that was going to the next level.  Yesterday I stayed home from work and slept for long hours and a nap mid-day, which made the kitty happy but didn’t help a lot.

This morning I went to Urgent Care – yes, I know, hard to believe – and confirmed that it’s a sinus infection. Turns out the nurse practitioner is someone I see every day on the bus, which made it more personal, and now I have antibiotics which should start to work soon.  After a quick stop at the grocery store, since my house had almost nothing in it, I’ve spent the day being quiet and blowing my nose.

And I did some medical research, which is not always a good thing.  Sometimes too much knowledge gets in the way.  My gynecologist left me a message that there were abnormalities in my annual pap smear, so now we’re going to follow up with a pelvic ultrasound and endometrial biopsy.  It’s probably nothing and even if it is, they can deal with it.  My mind, however, has gone to cancer and hysterectomies and a feeling of great loneliness that I will be facing it alone.  Oh, I have a big network of supportive friends but right here, in the physical world, it’s a bit different.  Let’s just hope I can get the tests done quickly so I know what I’m dealing with.

Sinus infections are easier.

3 thoughts on “Sick on Saturday

  1. sinus infrections might not be terrible – but they certainly are NO fun. Take care of yourself. And you are right – they can just take care of your uterus. so don’t fret.

    you are have a lot of friends in blog land – and we are very real – but I feel the same thing – it would be nice to have the same kind of friends in real life too.

    I equate these long distance friends (and lots of other things) to Little House on The Praire – who spent most of their lives in long distance correspondence with some of the most important people in their lives – sisters friends parents friends.

    this must be the year of the uterus.

    take care. and major hugs.

  2. Hope you’re up and around and feeling better soon now that antibiotics are coursing through your system. I don’t care what doctors today say, back in the day when the doctor gave you antibiotics for everything – even the things that today’s doctors say they won’t cure – you always got better faster!

    As to the abnormal pap, I had one of those many years ago. Never did figure out the issue. Nothing else ever turned up and I’ve had nothing but normal paps since then. Any time I’ve asked about it, the doctor’s always written it off as just a bad lab result (real comforting, huh?).

    That said, I did end up having a hysterectomy about 10 years ago because of fibroids- best thing I’ve EVER done. Life is so much better when you don’t have to plan your calendar around the cramps and bloating! 😉

    As Vickie says, you’ve got plenty of blog land friends, so don’t hesitate to call on us for support if you need it.

  3. Denise is right; there are a lot of reasons for abnormal pap smears and it is most likely nothing. I can understand how you feel though and feeling miserable with a sinus infection doesn’t help.

    The other day I was watching out the window and seeing wave after wave of pollen flying through the air from the pine trees. No wonder people feel so miserable and we have green covered dust on our cars. I’m glad you took action and went to see someone so you can get better. It’s icing on the cake that you recognized someone from your bus and got to meet them but I’m sorry it was at the urgent care center.

    Get better, and keep us posted.

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