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Let Hillary Finish


Another Tuesday, another primary or two. I’ve got to tell you that I’m really sick of it all, since we’ve been hearing commercials and political commentary since last summer. There’s nothing like starting 18 months before the election to grab our attention.

What’s really making me mad right now is the insistence by the news media and pundits (which is a pretty silly word when you think about it) that Hillary Clinton withdraw from the race and throw her support to Obama. I voted for him but I think she should have the right to decide for herself when is the right time to withdraw.

Hillary is not a stupid woman; she knows that she’s not going to win. But she has amassed a big chunk of votes and support and by telling her to cave now, it tells those folks that they were stupid to endorse her.

I’ve talked with several friends in different parts of the country.  All of us voted for Obama and all of us feel the same way: pissed off that Hillary is being pushed to not finish the primaries. The states that vote at the end of the process almost never have a voice in anything; the decision is usually in the bag by Super Tuesday. This year they do have a chance to vote and have that vote be heard and counted. Why shouldn’t they do it? Why should she have to cave in now just because some stupid talking head person on TV says she should?

There will be time after the end of the primary season for Hillary to make her decision about what next. I don’t expect that it will go to the convention. But I want the talking heads to shut up, let the people vote, and then let Hillary sort out what happens next – on her timetable. Democrats can’t afford to piss off her supporters and if they keep this up, that’s exactly what will happen.

5 thoughts on “Let Hillary Finish

  1. I agree – on all points. First, I’m sick to DEATH of this whole race. There should be a law that no campaigning can start more than a month before the first primary – AND all primaries should be held within a two-month period.

    And, I understand why Hillary is continuing her campaign. It’s not like this is the end of her political career (much though there are those who would wish it so). She can’t afford to be seen as a “quiter” – someone to throws in the towel when the going gets rough. For her future in politics (at whatever level), she needs to stick it out.

    No matter how you slice it, I just wish it was over and done with! Enough already…and now, after months of listening to reports about Barack and Hillary, we’re about to embark on the Barack and McCain battle – oh joy! 😦

  2. I’m going to be the devil’s advocate. I think she’s sticking with the race not only because of the reasons outlined by you and Denise but also because she can come back in 2012 and not seen as a quitter. It helps her to stay in the race for that reason and to be honest, bloody up Obama so his chances get a bit bruised too (and to set her up for 2012).

    The Democratic National Committee really must hate how they set up primaries and caucuses this year. I suspect that they thought the whole thing would be decided in a landslide by a few states (Michigan and Florida excepted because of the issues of their primaries).

    I’m sick of all of this too; I do think that at some point, Hillary should consider how she can get out of this campaign with some dignity and not go off the stage like a third tier candidate that never had a chance (like someone whose name rhymes with Don Maul).

    I agree with Anne, this is not the end of her political career. But to me, I think she could do the country just as well by being a career senator with her own projects much like Senator Kennedy. She could have an outstanding legacy in the Senate too.

  3. good posting

  4. I too am sick of this, but I disagree about Hill…

    I voted for Hillary…reluctantly because I really hate that she voted for the war, but at the time (February) I thought her experience was more important than Barack’s ideas and passion. I changed my mind completely in March…March 18 to be exact. I watched Barack’s speech that day and realized that he is the person to really CHANGE things and (I hope) fix all that is wrong in our country (which is starting to REALLY scare me).

    Most important to me is to have a Dem win this November — it will be a disaster if a Rep gets another 4 years to screw up our country and the world. And I think that Hillary staying in now is hurting the chances of that happening…I think the only REAL reason she’s staying in is egomania. The later-voting states don’t really count anyway…there is no way that she can win unless Barack “falls out of the ring” as I heard someone say today.

    Just my 2 cents…maybe I watch too much news tv…

  5. Amen sister. Tell it like it is.

    AB, another supporter who voted for Obama, not against Clinton

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