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One Thing


On the news tonight they were talking with the survivors of one of the devastating tornadoes that have been causing such havoc in the Midwest. And the question was asked: what one thing would you rescue if you could only have one thing from your home, your things, your space? The woman featured in the story was trying to find her wedding dress for the wedding coming up in a few days.

I started thinking about the question, about what I would want to save. We are so invested in things, in acquiring them and displaying and generally accumulating them that “stuff” is overwhelming. Assuming I was able to save the kitty initially, I think I would want to save the computer. All of my important information is on the laptop – plus scanned family photos and documents, financial records, and the family genealogy that I’ve been working on for over 30 years.

Clothes and shoes, books and kitchen stuff, furniture and electronics … they’re all just things. Don’t get me wrong, I live well and enjoy having a comfortable home. But my kitty, my family mean far more.

What would you save?

4 thoughts on “One Thing

  1. Significant other. Cat. Old photos. Then, um, probably my laptop. Sad but true.

  2. When I was quilting for other people – I would put the quilt on a chair by the back door each night. I would tell the family – please grab it on the way out – in case of fire/flood/tornado.

    These were usually T-shirt quilts that could not be replaced (because of the old, unusual T-shirts).

    NOW – I think I would only worry about the girls’ stuff – because they would be so distressed over it. And maybe some of my appliqued quilts – hanging in the front hall way. I could just pull them off the quilt hangers on the way by – probably wouldn’t even slow me.

  3. Hope you have an off-site backup of your laptop stuff so that you could just grab Tessie and go.

  4. Good thought, Jen. I do have one for most of the stuff but not all of it. Something to work on Soon. I’m spoiled because at work we don’t have to back up anything, the IT folks do it for us like magic elves overnight. Remembering to do it at home, and then having an off-site copy, is more of a stretch.

    Tessie is definitely the number one priority.

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