Vista or XP?

I’ve been playing around with new laptop configurations because my current toy is behaving oddly and is beyond the extended service period. Naturally those two things come together.

What concerns me is the operating system for a new computer.

My current one runs XP as does the work computer. I know how it behaves and regularly do updates when available. It’s stable and compatible with my software.

New PCs running XP are hard to come by. Dell, which has been my brand of choice, will only sell 2 models of laptops with XP through June 18, 2008. So if I want that, I need to move faster than I had been thinking I needed to go.

If you have a computer running Vista, what do you think of it? Have you had horrible problems with crashes and instability, or does it just work and you can do what you need without lots of computer drama?

Please take a minute to let me know what you think and if I should go for Vista or XP or think it doesn’t matter. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Vista or XP?

  1. The tech guys I hang with are all consistently thumbs down about Vista. The sense I get from listening to tech podcasts is that Vista is getting some better, but is still quite dicey. Even Bill Gates admitted as much. Me? I’d get a Mac. But I expect you don’t want to hear that. 😉

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