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The Right Chef Won

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Yayyyyy! Stephanie is the winner of Top Chef Season 4! And Lisa didn’t win! Sulky, pouty, bitchy Lisa who I have disliked for weeks and weeks and had no business being in the finale at all.

But enough about her. Richard and Stephanie have cooked circles around everyone else from the beginning. Dale is obviously a great chef and Antonia cooks food I would adore trying, so I was really really pissed, er, upset when Lisa got to the finale instead.

Richard is Mr. Molecular Gastronomy, with playful and innovative food (he gave an unplanned mini liquid nitrogen cooking lesson in the kitchen during the finale). Stephanie’s food is creative, clean and well-balanced, showcasing interesting combos of ingredients and including lots of fruit. Lisa specializes in Asian food. It’s what she likes to eat and likes to cook.

I actually would have liked to have tried most of the food that the three prepared for the final, knowing of course that Stephanie’s would be the ones I’d like the best. Richard had trouble keeping his concentration up and it showed in some of his dishes. Lisa was just annoying by being there, though she was rock-solid calm, which made for a change of pace.

Stephanie won because her total package of the meal was the best of the three. She was the top chef in this season, a leader in the kitchen and well liked and respected by the other cheftestants, and of course with excellent food. I’m thrilled and now I’m watching the repeat again, just in case, you know, I missed something while yawning last night waiting for the commercials to end and the final verdict to be given.

You go, girl. I’d eat in your restaurant any time.

One thought on “The Right Chef Won

  1. I really enjoyed watching several of these shows in a row and then watching the finale. I was very glad about the winner also.

    I kept part of my brain in reality check about the food. I could see getting an endless case of the munchies from watching it. I don’t watch commercials – but wondered if it was all food and how many people were running to the refrigerator for the whole show.

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