Random Thoughts of a Disordered Mind

So let’s see, how’s it going?


I joined WW again weekend before last, finding a new meeting on Sunday morning that I really liked. The leader is supportive but not insanely perky and the meeting members were welcoming and participated a lot. I came home inspired to do well but of course that didn’t last all that long.

I’ve been eating lunch out a lot lately, getting together with colleagues from other libraries on campus. I managed okay for the first few but by Pad Thai day, I was losing it. I don’t care what the WW book says, a portion of Pad Thai is what they bring you on the plate. I wasn’t going to leave any behind – and didn’t. Of course that didn’t stop me from eating dinner anyway, albeit less than I might have otherwise.

I didn’t go to my meeting last Sunday because I’d forgotten that it was WW day. After not going on Sunday for a year, I just grabbed breakfast and a Diet Pepsi on autopilot No way i was going to get on a scale after that. Have I gone this week to make up for it? Nope. But I am tracking my points, as awful as they are. It’s part of the accountability thing that I’ve not paid enough attention to lately. No matter what, I’ll be at my meeting on Sunday morning.

Saturday I went to a local farm and bought tons of fresh veggies and fruit. There’s a big bowl of gazpacho in the fridge that I’ve been eating on for days. Tonight I roasted peppers, onions, and beets and they taste amazing. I always forget how wonderful they are and grouse about the time to chop, even though it’s not really that much work when I just do it.

It’s clear that I need to allocate more points for lunch than for dinner. That’s when I’m more likely to eat out, and it gives me more time when I’m vertical and moving to get it digested. Dinners will be salad with a protein or veggies with a frozen dinner – portion controlled and not so tasty that I want to keep eating it. No ice cream allowed in the house; pudding yogurt with fruit is a better idea and works in another dairy.

Meanwhile I’m sitting here and watching Top Chef reruns right up until the reunion show. There’s nothing like looking at people standing up for hours cooking exotic things to make me grab another bottle of water and put my feet up.


2 thoughts on “So let’s see, how’s it going?

  1. Sounds like you are doing really well, slowly getting back in the swing of things. After a couple of weeks, you’ll probably find it’s a habit to eat “right” again! 🙂 I’m a big fan of salad with protein for dinner…I’ve been eating that pretty much EVERY weeknight for weeks and weeks and it’s been working because it’s filling and lots of chewing and I don’t go to bed with a pile of bad carbs in my tummy. Eating out is pretty hard for me too…so I’ve been avoiding it as much as I can…but business lunches are toughies. I sympathize! Another idea: I love the Fruit Floes from Trader Joes (do you have that out there?)…non-fat frozen fruit popsicles. For 60 or 80 calories, I think they’re an amazning post-dinner treat…DB and I eat those almost every weeknight too!

  2. I watched the top chef marathon too – there were several that I had not yet seen. I saved the one cooking with the kids to go back and make notes about what they cooked – lots of interesting ideas. I enjoyed the reunion show too.

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