Random Thoughts of a Disordered Mind

If you had billions of dollars


… how would you spend your days?

This is a question about spending time, not spending money. If money was out of the equation and needs were being met, how would you choose to spend your time?

Someone asked me this today and my brain hasn’t been able to think of anything. I don’t have even little dreams let alone big ones — no quest to write the Great American Novel, or travel the world, or join the Peace Corps and work in Africa. It’s pretty sad that I don’t know but it’s an opportunity for me to think about what matters and is fulfilling on the inside.

Do you know what you would do?

5 thoughts on “If you had billions of dollars

  1. I would give it almost all away. I can’t tell you how often I think of giving away money – lots of money – to all kinds of great projects and charities.

    Just today – after dropping the oldest and her friend off at bible school – saw a dad and three kids walking at the side of the road (near school/church) because the sidewalk does not go all the way down the long road. I would love to have a major paths/walkways building campaign in my area so that people could walk more places.

    Educating single mothers so they could do better for their kids is another.

    My daily life would stay the same – my own kids, my volunteer projects, my yoga, my food.

    I would have a small staff of stay at home moms that wanted to work part time to run the “office”.

    The only thing that I would do for myself – personal trainer a couple times a week and a massage every once in a while. And maybe an electric car.

  2. I would start off 5-6 days a week working out with a personal trainer (which means I would actually work out). I would also have a full time cook and housekeeper so I would NOT spent time cooking or cleaning.

    Then, I would probably spend (more) time volunteering at the library. I would read more books I’ve been meaning to read. I would love to be able to travel unrestricted – anywhere I wanted without regard to cost. I would spend some time in mountainous areas, some time near oceans, and some time being a tourist seeing sites I’ve not yet seen.

    Every 3rd or 4th week, I would spend some time at a Spa.

    I would also spend more time at home with my family helping my mother get organized, get rid of things she needs to get rid of (but won’t unless someone prods her).

    I don’t know that I would have any one big project – write the great American novel, etc. I know from the times when I’m off work that the days go by quickly even when you’re not working on anything specifically, so I feel as though it would be a long time before I got “bored” with not having a specific direction.

    But then I know other people who would be nuts after one “unfocused” day. To each their own…

  3. You know, I was thinking about this post last night when I was driving home. What would I do? Of course, I would pay off bills and definitely get a house and a new car.

    I would also give a substantial amount away to foundations already established (why create more work for myself?).

    But I would work out, take trips as much as I could, and maybe sit down and see if I really could write anything. It would be interesting, that’s for sure.

  4. There are thousands of important projects out there, so I definitively would support a lot of them and maybe even found some new ones. That’s what I’d do with the money. The more interesting part is the question of what to do with the time. I guess I would catch my backpack and wander away. Presumably into the beautiful Scandinavian landscape. 🙂

    btw: The photo in the blog-header is amazing.

  5. I’d give the house I can’t seem to sell to a good cause, that’s for sure.

    Write, work out, travel… the usual suspects. I would like to have biceps like Jillian Michaels.

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