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Feeling Good about My Week


I tried the innovative step of staying on my food plan for the last seven days and lost a pound.  But really, I didn’t care what the scale said.  What mattered to me is that I just did it this week, follwing the plan without obsessing about food (seeing, tasting, eating, smelling, tracking, or regretting it).

I’ve been trying hard to not navel-gaze, as my friend Phyllis calls it.  It’s hard for me to do because I’ve spent most of my life worrying about food things and my frustration with my body and my eating habits.  And of course the result of what the eating actually does, which just gets me into an unhealthy spiral.  Yeah, I know all about the need to understand why I’m doing what I do so I can put new habits in place to change.

But honestly, what do I not know about my eating?   Not much.  My problem isn’t the not knowing, it’s having the self confidence and sense of commitment to myself to actually do something.  It’s a lifetime problem and it won’t be resolved overnight.  Which is fine.

What matters is that I remember each day why this is important, for my health, comfort and appearance.  I am a work in progress; today is just another step along the way.  I feel really good about how the week went and didn’t care all that much what the scale said.  I pretty much ate what I wanted, including a pad thai lunch and meals out with friends.  I read labels and made the choice to not eat some snacks and meals because I knew they weren’t worth the short-term taste.  I never felt deprived or overly hungry.

I feel good about myself today.

5 thoughts on “Feeling Good about My Week

  1. Wow – what a great place to be in – to feel good about yourself. Congratulations on getting turned around and headed down the path…You inspire me to want to do that same. Now if I can just turn the inspiration into action…

  2. What a good place to be! I’m really happy that you are finding some peace of mind with regard to food. And I love it that you enjoyed your beloved pad thai.


  3. Yay!!!! Thinking and making actual CHOICES is really what it’s all about…it’s a lot harder to go nuts with food when you really think about it (although, unfortunately, not impossible 😉 !!).

    Congratulations on a great week. 🙂

  4. Well, today I blew it big time, and it’s funny but it actually felt good. I’ve been under so much stress with my dad who’s living with us, just coming back out of the hospital. In a nutshell, he’s slowly dying of prostate and bone cance. So, anyway, today I drove 1 hour for a yoga teacher training workshop, but there was only one other person from my class who showed up. The doors were locked and there was no notification of the cancelled class. So I came home (wasn’t feeling well to begin with), and the eating began. Right now I’m very full, but I feel so relieved. Oh boy! Actually feeling good after a binge? This is a new one. I feel like I was a balloon building up with air to the bursting point, but then when I ate, it felt like someone let the air out and the pressure was released. That is the second time in my life when I felt that binging actually did some good.

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