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The Closet Project


I’m committing myself to a project to clean out my closet, dresser, and storage places of clothes that no longer meet my standards.  Having watched What Not to Wear, and hearing Stacy and Clinton’s critical voices in my ear as I see myself in the mirror while wearing some of these things, I can’t bear to keep them.

So I’m starting what I’m calling the Closet Project.  The goal isn’t to declutter per se; it’s more about making sure the things I’m actually keeping are things that I like and would wear.  I don’t even mind keeping clothes in sizes that are too small as long as they meet that criteria.

The rule is simple:  is this piece of clothing something that I would buy if I were out shopping today?  Knowing what I know about its color, styling, fit, and comfort.   The original purchase price isn’t a factor other than as a way to separate the “to consignment” clothes from the “to Goodwill” pile.   I have some lovely Talbot’s things that I bought thinking they would be great for me because they were from Talbot’s but they just didn’t work.  And now they don’t fit.  By the end of the weekend, they’ll be in a pile.

I’m anticipating massive weeding out of this, and greater clarity about what I have.  There are some sweaters in the bottom of the cedar chest that I just adored when they fit and I hope and expect that they will again — but they will be checked for wear and tear to see if they are worth keeping.

Having clothes that fit just because they fit is a terrible reason to wear some of them.  I’ve learned a lot about color, length, styles and what works for me — and my closet has way too much that doesn’t.  Time to do something about it.

2 thoughts on “The Closet Project

  1. FYI

    Continuing Medical Education course

    linc is not working on AFG.

  2. I think that the closet weeding out thing is a GREAT idea.

    I found enormous relief it getting rid of things.

    I sometimes go in my closet – just to look and the order and serenity of it – and that is the truth.

    I found a dress that fits as if it were made for me – at Banana Republic a few weeks ago and realized that my standard for what I buy and what I keep should be a LOT higher.

    It has made me look at what I have and what I wear with a whole different eye.

    I still go through mine – on a regular basis.

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