Given Away to a Good Home

Today I gave away my grandmother’s rocking chair.  I’ve had it for 25 years, bringing it back from North Carolina in the back of my car after I mentioned that it was one thing that I’d like to have after she died.  She had a habit of frequently talking about dying and who was going to get what, so I thought I’d just put in a request.  She insisted on me taking it home that very trip and for years it’s been sitting around, reminding me of her.

But it hasn’t been used.  I don’t fit into it comfortably and lately all it’s come to mean is clutter.  I was afraid to get rid of it because it was my grandma’s and I didn’t want my dad to be upset.  Turns out he didn’t know I had it and didn’t care about it in the slightest.  We both have other physical touchstones to remind us of her, along with our memories.

So today I took a few pics and put it up on Freecycle.  I could have tried to sell it but it didn’t seem like the right thing to do, and I’ve had good experiences with Freecyle in the past.  It’s also insanely speedy.  I posted the offer at 3:16 and the rocker was picked up at 5:35.

I knew it had gone to the right home as I talked with the woman who picked it up, the mother of the person who contacted me.  The mom turns out to be from Houston and we were at UT at the same time (along with 45,000 other students).  Her daughter wanted the chair to rock her new baby who actually has the same name as my grandmother.  So it seemed like symmetry and karma for the chair to go to them.  I think Grandmama would be pleased.

3 thoughts on “Given Away to a Good Home

  1. I loved that story too. And could identify. I have gone through the same thought process with 2 desks and an old trunk and a wicker baby basket. HARD to part with that stuff – even if it is not use-able and just takes up space. I am so glad that you found symmetry (in who you passed it on to) – your story does have a full circle feeling.

  2. Lori W.

    What a cool symmetry of events. I had my great-grandfather’s rocking chair and I gave it back to my dad. It took up too much space. It’s so good that you asked your dad, took a photo (it lasts longer) and went to a home where it’s going to be really appreciated!

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