Random Sunday Things

Apartment update — throwing around “my brother the lawyer” was very helpful in working with management.  They are implementing his advice, at least most of it, and have said they are commited to doing the repairs to my satisfaction.  Which is a big improvement over what they said on Wed.  Friday they chopped out the wet wall and baseboards and patched in new, covering a much bigger area than I expected, and Monday I’ll get paint.

I don’t know what’s happening with the carpet but they ripped out enough carpet pad that I know SOMETHING is happening.  Whether that ends up being both whole rooms or just pieced sections, I don’t know.  I’ll probably have to move the poor kitty to the study again on Monday so she doesn’t get in the middle of the noise and activity and freak out.  For now she’s curled up on her little footstool next to mama, making us both happy.

Friday I had an appointment with the sleep doctor, the first since I moved last summer.  Although I’ve been on CPAP for over 3.5 years, I’ve been having problems in the last year waking up in the night and not waking up as refreshed as I did when I first got the CPAP.  Since I am an expert diagnostician with a medical degree from Google, I was pretty sure that my air pressure needed to be adjusted up higher.  I’ve gained back so much weight since the pressures were set that it was a good bet, and the doctor concurred.

What was annoying was the conversation about my weight problem.  Did I know that it would be helpful for me to lose weight and that lowering my BMI would have an effect on my required air pressure, not to mention improve my health?  Noooooooo, no one has ever mentioned it.  Would I be interested in information about weight loss program in a neighboring town that only costs $1200 for personalized plan?  No, I wouldn’t.

It makes me so mad that they tell me this every time I see a doctor, even when I volunteer up front that I know I have a weight problem and that it’s not helping.  See?  I’m Self Aware and have listened to people tell me in the past that I am a failure and need to work on this and then everything will be fine.

I grumbled loudly about it to the sleep tech who did a mask fitting after I saw the doctor.  She’s doing WW herself and we commiserated about it.  But then she did say that the doctors have to tell us if there is a weight-related factor to any physical problem, because otherwise they are open to liability for NOT having said anything.  So I should expect to keep hearing it.  In a funny way, that did help.  It’s not pointed at me for being stupid and a failure, it’s just doing their job.  I can listen and get upset, listen and get motivated, or listen and ignore the stress levels.

We also talked about WLS and the effect on sleep apnea.  Her experience with patients is that there’s a big improvement quickly, not just from the weight loss, although that’s certainly a major factor.    I may not get to a place where the apnea is completely gone but it could get low enough that the CPAP isn’t really needed.  It would be great to not be tied to the hoses and masks every night.

7 thoughts on “Random Sunday Things

  1. Susan

    Anne, have you considered seeing a counsellor to figure out why you can’t commit to losing weight? I know you’re considering WLS, but remember that’s no magic bullet – even if you had the surgery you would still have to be committed to eating right and exercising.

    I hope this doesn’t sound harsh, as it’s not intended that way.

  2. You’re not the first to have suggested seeing a counselor to help me figure this out. I did see someone while I was in Boston but it was to deal with clergy sexual abuse issues; I’ve never lost below the weight where that happened. I know and understand some of the underlying issues. But I agree that finding someone and forking over big bucks for help is likely to be more valuable than sitting around grousing at being told something I already know is true.

    I have an appointment with my primary care doctor in early August to talk about WLS and I’ll ask her then about how this health plan deals with coverage for mental health work.

  3. Lori W

    I’m with Susan; and if it will make you feel better, I’m thinking about counseling myself for some of my own issues. Weight is a symptom AND a way of life for me, but I’d like to try and treat myself better.

    I just finished reading the latest issue of SELF and they discuss that WLS is not the be-all and end-all that’s been publicized. And from reading around the blogs, I think we all know this anyway.

    I’m glad that the sleep technician told that information; it makes sense in this ligitious society we live in that doctors feel a need to cover their rears. But I understand how you felt; I’m avoiding my doctor because I have gained.

  4. I”m glad everyone is happy that I’m going to ask about some mental health solutions. It makes me seriously annoyed to be told that it would be useful, which probably means I’m more messed up than I realized.

  5. On another topic — what’s up with your apartments? Did I miss that posting?? It sounds like you’ve got leakage — yuck — I know that sucks. And it’s funny how tossing around the word “lawyer” wakes some very stupid people up… 😉 Good luck!

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