Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday and instead of being able to relax and do something fun, I will spend the morning in a workshop on sustainability.  It’s not mandatory but it’s one of those strongly recommended things, so we’re all dutifully trooping off.   Word is that there will be a sustainable breakfast and I’m interested to see what that turns out to be – and if they use plastic silverware for it.

After the workshop there is a librarians’ lunch to fill each other in on assorted conferences learning.  Rats, I said to myself; I wanted pad thai.  But instead of just grousing to myself about it, I said, “sure, I”ll be there. It’s my birthday – maybe there will be cake.” Which I’m pretty sure will mean that there is cake.  Yay for asking for what I want.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Happy birthday, Anne! I’m anxious to hear what a “sustainable breakfast” is, too. At least you know what you’ll be blogging about tomorrow! (I never know until I sit down at the keyboard! heh)

  2. Lori W.

    Happy Birthday Anne!

    I hope sustainable isn’t lawn clippings and searches for berries in the Yale Commons. YIKES!

    Maybe you can have Pad Thai tonight? 🙂

    And maybe a grocery store will sell individual slices of birthday cake? (Mine had a clown on it — lots of extra icing! 😉 )

    Happy Birthday and sorry you’re in a workshop. 😦

  3. denise

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

    Even without knowing your birthday was coming up, I had a piece of cake in your honor yesterday! (OK, so it had more to do with my craving than your birthday at the time, but at least now I have a little justification – thanks for that!)

    Hope you’ve had a wonderful day.

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