Saturday’s child

I’m feeling pretty productive for 9:30am on a Saturday morning.  I was up at 5:45am, on my own without the kitty batting me in the face.  She had breakfast, I had a Big Shower (shower, shampoo, shaving legs), and drank a bottle of water before 7am, when I left for the lab.  I needed to have fasting blood work done which I hadn’t known yesterday when I tried to take care of this at the lab near work.  Since my veins tend to go deep when I’m dehydrated, and are hard to stick even on a good day, the water was necessary.  It still took a couple of sticks to get what they needed and by then I decided I needed breakfast out.

I went to IHOP, which was not a good idea.  But they have some healthier options with omelets made from egg beaters and small pancakes with sugar free syrup.  I got to eat out, had protein and pancakes which is what I was craving.  Jen, I know that I said I would come back and eat yogurt at home but I was weak.  It’s out of my system now in any case.

Next I went to the grocery store which was almost completely deserted at 8:15.  I used the scanner and recycled bags to pack up my choices as I whipped through the aisles.  Blueberries and nectarines were on sale, and I got lunch meat and things to make easily transportable lunches.  Big red tomatoes and crisp peppers.  Nonfat plain yogurt, South Beach protein bars, Lean Cuisine butternut squash ravioli (omg, you have to try these if you haven’t already).  And Fage 2% yogurt to mix with fresh peaches for breakfast.  94% fat free snack-size popcorn.

Now I’m home resting a bit before I hit the bedroom to rearrange piles of things in preparation for my new dresser, chest and nightstand which are arriving this afternoon between 2:20 and 5:20pm.  Sounds pretty precise to me; we’ll see what happens.

No matter what, I’m going to WW tomorrow morning.  I know it’s not been good, and that my real problem is lunches and eating out.  I need to face the music and will see if I can have a chat with my leader, though it tends to be kind of crazy as people try to get checked in before the meeting.  On Tuesday I’m seeing my primary care doctor to talk about weight, another conversation I’m not really looking forward to having, but I have my list of questions and it’s better to face the music than keep my head under a blanket.