By the pricking of my fingers

If you thought I was productive on Saturday morning, you should have seen me yesterday.  I went to WW, breakfast at McDonalds (and yes I counted the egg-and-cheese biscuit and hashbrown, which were yummy).  Then to the grocery store to get fizzy water, a stop at Bed Bath and Beyond to find lining paper (which I didn’t but I found something I could use instead), and ended up at TJMaxx where I bought a new purse.  Came home and watched/listened to snippets of movies while I lined the dresser drawers and put the bedroom back together, paid bills, and did laundry.  I have another bag of clothes to take to Goodwill – yayyy me.

Today at work was also productive.  The office was pretty deserted with about half of the staff out on summer vacation, and I spent most of the day working at my “second desk” down in the serials area, reviewing a giant 165 page renewal list and verifying record numbers, flagging titles to be cancelled, and following up on problem receipts.

I really hate the layout of the workspace in my office and am thinking about how to rearrange it to suit me better.  I work best with the computer in the corner and workable counter space on both sides.  And I want the keyboard on a tray that I can move under the desk easily when I need to actually work away from the keyboard – strange but true at times.

I noticed a few days ago that my right wrist is starting to ache and the thumb, middle and index fingers are a bit numb and tingly.  It feels like carpal tunnel, which I’ve had before – in fact, this hand had surgery for it 16 years ago and the other hand was done about 6 years ago.  But I spend almost all of my work time at the computer when I’m not in meetings, and spend way too much time online when I’m home.  I know something isn’t right and by a remarkable coincidence (and it is a coincidence), I have an appointment with my primary care doctor tomorrow so will bring it up then.

The real topic for the appointment is to discuss bariatric surgery, as well as the things that go with it, including counseling.  WLS may not be right for me now or ever, but it makes sense to talk to a doctor instead of making up my own mind about it without enough information.  There are plenty of steps to take before WLS and this is one of them, whether it ends up with surgery or not.