Watching the Summer Olympics

It will not come as a surprise to anyone who reads this to learn that I am neither an athlete nor athletic.  I do a very good impression of a couch potato, although I’m pretty good at walking and can do some water aerobics moves in the pool.  Neither of these is an Olympic sport.

I watch the Olympics with fascination at the skill and power of the athletes from all countries; unlike the commentators from NBC, I don’t really care to watch only U.S. athletes.  They all worked hard to get here, they all earned the right to represent their countries, so let them just do their thing and don’t keep pushing the Americans at us.  My world can be bigger than that.

But I also get bored because I’m just not interested in most of the Summer Olympics sports.  Probably because I can’t do them and everyone is wearing little skimpy outfits and looking very tight and powerful.  Nah, just because I think running around and jumping and even swimming to be boring to watch.  I like the gymnastics because I understand it better, having once learned to do some work on all the apparatus when I was in school. I couldn’t do those things now if my life depended on it, but I do feel a bit more of a bond watching people wrap their bodies around like pretzels.

I do feel a little guilty about the boredom because hey, it’s the Olympics and we should be glued to the TV to watch, right?  During the Winter Olympics when they’re doing sports I’ve never seen or rarely hear about (can you say curling?), I can watch for hours and more or less understand what I’m looking for in form and execution.  It’s not even the figure skating, which I also have experience actually doing myself; I like to watch the skiiers and jumpers, luge and hockey, though I can skip the biathalon.  Skiing and shooting, who dreamed up that for a sport?

Beach volleyball just seems wrong, too.  When did that become an Olympic sport?  Okay, I know it was 1996 because someone saw my tweet and told me.  But it still doesn’t seem on a par with soccer and track and field events. So instead of watching, I changed the channel and watched A Knight’s Tale – and then actually got out of the house and got moving.

Tonight I’m back again, giving it my first shot, and I admit that I’m enjoying watching the diving, and gymnastics is coming up soon.  I’ll pay some attention to these and then it’s back to my book.  My summer Olympics attention span is only so deep, even if it is the Olympics.