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I feel like a slug


Mixed reactions to watching the Olympics — mystified over beach volleyball, happy watching gymnastics, getting tired of Michael Phelps, annoyed at the broadcasters.

I’m not an athlete so I can’t really relate to the almost miraculous speed, flexibility and power that the Olympic athletes demonstrate with every move.  Even the ones who are too insignificant to rate NBC profile status are exceptional.  They’ve worked long and hard to get here, to represent their countries, to do their best under the scruitiny of the world.

And it strikes me how much of a slug I am.  Physically I don’t do much; even though pushing harder would cause knee pain, actually moving the muscles and joints is the way to ensure that they don’t stiffen up and lose flexibility and range of motion.  I will never do tumbling runs on a balance beam or strip down to a bathing suit for a rousing game of beach volleyball – but I can do more.  I can walk 2-3 times a week to start; although doing it daily is the best plan, I have to start somewhere.  I just ordered a bathing suit in a larger size so I can go to the pool to do some water aerobic exercise in the safety of water.  Not to mention using the whirlpool on those knotted muscles.

I can certainly do better on food.  Yesterday and today have been pretty much out of control and I’m ashamed of my inability … no, that’s not right … my disinterest in working hard at managing my food.  Notice I didn’t say working hard at losing weight.  I’m not going there; it sets me up for failure.  But managing my food in a more healthy, balanced way – that’s something manageable that I can do.

Olympic athletes look amazing now but it took long hard years of practice, failure, and picking themselves up to start over.  And over and over.  They are winners in my book whether they medal or not. And I’m not satisfied with how my efforts reflect on my commitment.  It’s a step.

2 thoughts on “I feel like a slug

  1. I think you’re taking a good approach here — looking at what you can do to work toward your goals. It’s hard for me to watch the athletes and not compare myself (unfavorably) to them too.

  2. I watch the athletes and am amazed at how the swimmers can move their bodies. I don’t feel bad about how I “swim” compared to them; I figure they have had encouragement, special coaches, lots of training — things I never had. In this way, I suppose, I am allowing myself to just “watch” and not challenge myself to do more physically.

    I have the same disinterest that you do; my only goal really is to just try and eat three meals and only one snack throughout the day. Let’s just say tonight is not working out too well.

    I’m glad you got some nice swimsuits. It’s a good start.

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