Welcome to Today’s Self Improvement Tips

Today’s tips come courtesy of my former WW leader Arlene, who said in her weekly email:

Are you ready to lose this weight and keep it off????? It’s a mind game..your brain moves your hand to pick up the food and put it in your mouth.  Simple huh??? What’s getting in your way?  Talk to yourself…make it happen.

Welcome to Today’s Self Improvement Tips:

Talk to yourself and say I am capable of doing whatever I want to achieve. Repeat these affirmations to yourself while looking in the mirror.

  • I will give others responsibility for their lives today.
  • I will grow emotionally stronger each day.
  • I will smile more today.
  • I will feel less guilt each day.
  • I will take care of myself today.
  • I deserve to have my rights recognized.

“Dream as though you’ll live for ever; live as though you’ll die today.”
~ James Dean