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Welcome to Today’s Self Improvement Tips


Today’s tips come courtesy of my former WW leader Arlene, who said in her weekly email:

Are you ready to lose this weight and keep it off????? It’s a mind game..your brain moves your hand to pick up the food and put it in your mouth.  Simple huh??? What’s getting in your way?  Talk to yourself…make it happen.

Welcome to Today’s Self Improvement Tips:

Talk to yourself and say I am capable of doing whatever I want to achieve. Repeat these affirmations to yourself while looking in the mirror.

  • I will give others responsibility for their lives today.
  • I will grow emotionally stronger each day.
  • I will smile more today.
  • I will feel less guilt each day.
  • I will take care of myself today.
  • I deserve to have my rights recognized.

“Dream as though you’ll live for ever; live as though you’ll die today.”
~ James Dean

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Today’s Self Improvement Tips

  1. GOOD POSTING! and thank you for your sweet notes as I trudge along this fall. All yesterday – I kept thinking – this day is really here – I really have to do this – I can’t believe this day really came and I have to go through it – reality bites . . .

  2. Great affirmations.

  3. I live with a father who is dying of cancer, very slowly so that sometimes he seems healthyish, and a husband who is the king of “not now” which means that he chooses to play games on the computer when he’s not working, instead of doing anything that involves interacting with his family. I hate the condition of these two people and I just thank god for my friends and my small extended family. My husband makes me feel like the only purpose I have in his life is to cook dinner and pay bills for him. He makes the money (most of it) and I spend it. Otherwise, there is no relationship, no sex, no companionship, no friends together. We always say i love you, and give a kiss. What the hell purpose is that crap? It means nothing when there is notihing else together.

  4. Very good posting and reminder that we do not need to take on every single problem of every one we know. After my weekend (which wasn’t bad, mind you), it’s a good reminder.

    Vickie, I will be thinking of you today and Sue, I’m very sorry about your situation and wish things could be better for you. I’ve sort of been there (only no money) and done that (with the husband). He wasn’t quite that bad but I definitely understand.

    Anne, I think I’m gearing up to doing more than offer lip service to the idea of losing weight. I appreciate this post.

  5. Any ideas for a web site where a student can plug in a sentence and have the site identify all the parts (verb, preposition, adverb, nouns, pronouns, etc) – ???? I looked and could find lots that TEST – but not any that are interactive and allow the user to put in their own sentences – ???

  6. I love that list and I REALLY love that photo. 🙂

  7. I am so sick of my eating habits. Its the same old story every stinking day. I start out well, then little by little it all unravels until I’m either too full to eat dinner, or Im just simply disgusted with myself. I’m too old to act this way, so immature, and I should be wise enough by now to know how to set a goal and stick with it. I just don’ t know why I give it up every day, and begin each day with a new promise. I’m sick of my eating, I’m sick of the food I eat, I’m sick of singing the same old song every single day. Then I go to my WW meeting and my weight really goes nowhere. What in the world is wrong with me? I have 20 pounds to loose, but I’m very short. 20 pounds excess is a lot for me. Maybe I need a new plan.

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