Sunflower Update

I made it to the orchard this morning after a small detour because I got lost (even with maps I am often directionally challenged) but it’s a gorgeous day so I didn’t care.  This orchard is humongous with a large store open 7 days a week featuring tons of locally grown produce.  I found myself comparing it with the little farm closer to me and think I’ll be back to the big one but still prefer the little one.

My feet were already not happy in the walking shoes and my knee was hurting from yesterday’s water aerobics exercise.  So I opted to not try and pick my own fruit or actually walk the maze, just look at it.  I stocked up on 4 kinds of apples to make applesauce and apple slices for snacks, bought fresh corn just off the truck from the field, and big fat red tomatoes.  And an apple cider donut, which was very good but I didn’t need more.

Then I was off to check out the sunflower maze.  The good news is that I found it.  The bad news is that the season is really over; there were some pretty flowers but most of them on the ends of those tall stems were dark brown and past their prime.  So I didn’t take any pictures or even get out of the car; it just seemed sad to me, and I suspect this weekend is the last one the maze will be open.  They have a corn maze open now that was crawling with kids so I didn’t pursue that one.  So note to self:  next year go early in August when the sunflower maze opens for best viewing and pics.

One thought on “Sunflower Update

  1. If that maze was located here – it be the lack of rain that was turning everything brown. I can’t imagine they water the maze – can you? Husband and I were out trimming our stuff back yesterday. I water the pots, boxes and a few key things – but do not water everything – there is just too much. So most of mine is turning brown too.

    My mother hits the local (amish) farm stand at least once a week. I could also have her pick stuff up for me – and I don’t do that either. I just never have – and I don’t know why.

    My mother always notices the amish children at the produce stand – it is run by a HUGE extended family. Two years ago – lots of babies (this is a HUGE ‘stand’ (multiple buildings and greenhouses). She said all summer it was fun to go in and see all the various combinations of buggies, cradles, pens, etc with babies sleeping away their afternoon nap. Then the next year – toddlers – everywhere – with oldest children tending them. This year – they looked so much older and didn’t really need tended.

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