Food and Politics

According to a Weight Watchers email I got this week, September is the second highest time for people to focus on weight loss, trailing only January and all those resolutions.  I’ve heard many of Us say over the last 10 days that now it’s time to get serious, to really lose the weight, and wondered why I’m just not there.

But I don’t have to be.  Oh sure, I’m fat and losing weight is Really A Good Idea for me medically as well as all of those other reasons we talk about.  But if I was really ready to do it, I would just do it.  Right now I’ve decided that my goal is to just stay where I am and not gain.

For those who are wondering (the one or two of you), I’ve decided that weight loss surgery is not an avenue for me to pursue, at least not now. You have to be very focused, very clear, very committed to it and I’m just not.  I have memories of doing protein-sparing modified fasts back when I was a patient at a university obesity clinic (and boy, that was a fun name for a place), and although it was wildly successful in producing weight loss, it did mess up my GI system some and I obviously haven’t kept the weight off.  While WLS might be a good solution, it’s not something I want to do.

Instead of focusing on food and eating these last weeks, I’ve been preoccupied by politics and hurricanes.  The more I learn about Sarah Palin, the less I want her elected, and I’ve been reading the Mudflats blog as well as traditional news sources, rolling my eyes at almost everything.  But there is an element of fear, too, at what might happen should McPalin roll into the White House; at the idea of the fundamentalist Christians setting domestic and foreign policy.  So instead of just watching the politics this time, I think it’s time to see what I can do to help elect the people I think should be there.