Update on my Houston Family

Donate to the American Red Cross — your help is urgently needed.

The post-Ike situation in Houston is getting very bad.  We hear so much about hurrican preparations but don’t think about what it would be like to live in a place after a major hurricane has whirled through, leaving destruction in its wake.  But we saw all of this in 2005 with Katrina in poor New Orleans, which is still recovering from its devastation.  People suffered from no food, no water, no power, sewage spilling into the streets, debris and damage everywhere.

The same thing is happening in Houston.  Parts of the city are destroyed; others have debris to be cleared but not so much property destruction.  But millions of people have no power under that humid Texas heat.  Food is rotting, tempers are flaring, and energy is sapped.  Relief workers need supplies themselves so they can take care of those who need their help.  Many areas in southeast Texas still are flooded.

I’m grateful that my family is safe.  My brother has a ranch (a fancy name for a house in the middle of nowhere that needs a lot of work) about two hours outside of Houston.  The whole family has retreated there and are enjoying AC, water, power, and literally time to relax.  My nephew’s foot surgery, originally scheduled for last Friday and rescheduled for tomorrow, has been rescheduled again along with all elective surgeries.  All Houston schools are closed for the week at least, so my sister-in-law doesn’t have the pressure of getting back for her teaching job.  And my brother’s office is still powerless so there’s no point in his even trying to work, though there are things he can do on the laptop even without the internet.

They have me and my mom to relay information and news updates while they wait for power to be restored and they venture a return.

They’re very lucky.